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- Natalia Núñez Laca -

A masterpiece.
- Hadley Nieuwoudt -

Respect. 😁
- Csaba Tóth -

Struka :3
- Nikola Ramčević -

Cosmos! Can somebothy help me finding instrumental note writing for drums section in this?? PLEASE!
- pablo pablo -

Saved my life..... fuck man.
- William Perry -

Never been able to make out the sample at the midway point: "What do you call that? Beautiful, the feeling is just beautiful.!"
- MarcoVideoGamer -

Bonobo touch my heart with this track.
- Justino Andre -

gold nova 4
- De Morgan -

It's 3:40 AM Friday morning in South Africa and I am feeling real good about today! This is the perfect song to kick things off smoothly.
- Sizwe Ndlanzi -

certainly some nostalgic notes, it evokes feelings of what it was and what could have been...
somafm brought me here
- ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo -

This song is truly beatiful and to me really unusual as it gives me some weird feelings. When I listen to it, for some reason I imagine a person, who just moved to a new, lets say, European country with old architecture ,he/she enters a room (apartment) in one of the old buildings and while istening to this just walks around exploring the interior and tries to get used to the new surroundings.
Or maybe its for me, because I experienced something familiar as had to move to BUdapest recently.

Anyway, really beatiful song.
- Max -

sweet song <3
someday i will alo have that much views :3
- Chirr Chill -

This deserves a music video.
- Tomppaanosful -

Thanks , this is still the shit !
- Chaunc -

- The Incarnation -

Tum tum tum pa - tumtum pa - tumtum pa - tumtum tum tum pa - tum
- Robert Anthony -

This song it's like wine

When the time pasts it gets better
- ela ti egine -

who is that in the picture ?
- Dazza Direct -

- John Pratt -