Cool looks like you all have been working very hard. I appreciate all you do and love your product.
- Carol Smith -

When publishing to WebDirect or webserver, does this eliminate the 2GB size limit?
- Fernando Arroyo Jr -

Seems to me they've made the licensing options way too complicated for today's market. It would seem they should have a main program that can deploy the apps to the web and mobile devices from one spot. For example, if I make a website using Wordpress, and I use a responsive theme, I know it will render well on a web browser and on mobile devices. Done. I don't have to buy different products for each use case. Also, AWS is expensive as heck when you start getting above 5 users. If I'm making an app for a dental office in a small town, why would they buy a solution from me for some crazy amount that ranges into the thousands per month? Although there are many successful developers using this program, it should've gained much more traction if all these options weren't so damned confusing.
- D Robinson -

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