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Thank you, fellas...
...and all involved.
- N. Jaxx -

I hope the neighbors like this song. If they don't, I hope the cops do.
- Alexander Steiner -

Yet again head up arse one group you need to check out
- David Bolton -

Do you know, that on the first frames on video there is russian SA-19 Grison self-propelled air defence system?
- Шурик Стригалев -

This was one of fathers fav songs, brilliant remake by these guys.
- GRA Tay -

The first time I heard ffdp in Afghanistan in 2013 in the province of helmand. I really fell in love with this group and listen to this day. I really respect these guys.
- valeri bagdasarian -

Im 13 and I went to five finger live in Albuquerque and I absolutely loved it and ivan moody gave me a pick and i still have it
- Revenge -

- alexandrialynn08 -

Love u USA ❤️ 🇺🇸! Regards from Italy dudes! Let the eagle fly high! 🦅
- Matthews -

RIP to all the fallen warriors
- amine jamani -

- Lord Six -

- mrsta8541 -

Sir Respect!!
- Jim Lind -

You can take my gun when you pry em out my cold dead hands, brother. And I'll pick another soldier up he's down, but don't try and takin my guns goddammit. God
Bless America
- melting -

For all the d**b s**ts who diss the band and their intent. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.
- Duncan Berry -

I love it
- slowpy13 -

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy" - love, your master Henry Kissinger thanks for helping kill ppl you dont know to pave the way for a new world order the destruction of yourself and others. Rest in piss humanity, mother earth, and all logic.
- Beatrix Kiddo -

So....I can only imagine how Kool n Awesome of a feeling that Ivan n DaBoys we're experiencing thru out the making of this video. America's Arsenal of Protectors is most impressive indeed. Thanks to each n every one of you...
Past and present for what you do. I salute you!!!
And 5FDP thank you!
4da many avenues of release n relief y'all have given us.
Just saying....
I Love America....
and 5FDPM🇱🇷😎🇱🇷
- Patrick Jenkins -

Uuuuhhhaaaa for vetbrother all over the world respect to the day i die !
- Gaby Onisoara -

RIP to my my father. 26-years in the USAF. Bless them all!
- Bill O'Connor -