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Nicholas is a total legend
- S Barnes -

I have a Yamaha maple custom 6x6 tom ( yes i do there was 3 made ) and the only way anyone would get it from me is dead . no idea who got the other 2 but its such a cool thing to play, and even though its obviously a very special piece its in new condition and I still love pounding the shit out of it . lol
- Mark Drysdale -

can't see the Sonor name on the stands .
- Mark Drysdale -

This is like Nigel Tufnel going over his guitars
- Michael Fabricatore -

Love Nicko!! Not really an Iron Maiden fan so I have no idea WTF he's talking about!! LOL But I LOVE this guy, and he's a beast of a drummer!!!!! I wish I could have seen the FRONT of his kick drum!
- Hakim Muhammad -

From now on when I watch Maiden, I'm looking for Bruce to mess with the ride cymbal stand.
- trusstingod -

@3:13.........Sometimes ya just gotta.......pajama pants and all!!!! Just love the big guy!!!
- drummer4hire12 -

Bazzmeg ez drumm nemúgymint a mostani english shtiy band 6 foss!
- Szabolcs Nyitray -

Does his ride cymbal hit the tom rims?
- alan duncan -

I would kill to have a 6" tom on my kit.
- Zdawg1029 -

Wonder how much this kit cost him
- Steve James -

cant beleive i drove by his home in florida..had no clue..wanna go back and knock on his door,lmao!
- Marc Seguin -

7:43 "we pain'ed me cowbell gowld" 12:38 "Bruce messes with it!" Hahahaha, I love this guy, favorite drummer ever and seems like a genuinely nice guy
- TeenageWind -

Nicko should have a cameo role on Harry Potter movies. As a Hogwarth's professor. ^_^ \m/
- Krrrimmi -

Now using British Drum co set!😁🇬🇧
- Burton Bradstock -

Sonar drums arnt great quality imo, Ludwig or DW would have been a better choice
- valleysofneptune -

Der macht es sich durch seine 3 Meter hohen Aufbau echt super schwer , und ermüdendet ist es auch. Das ist echt nicht ergonomisch. Wir habens Mal genau so nachgestellt und, ich erzähle kein mist.auch wenn er es schon immer so aufbaut, er könnte auch mit einem ergonomischen Aufbau sein Spiel erheblich verbessern. Dr. med. für Orthopädie.
- Grobi Grobian -

What a fantastic guy , I remember going to see the Phil Hilborne Band years and years ago at a local venue and it said on the poster he had a special guest drummer , so I was stood at the bar and a guy popped out from behind the curtain and came walking over to the bar and stood right next to me , he nudged me and said "alright mate" and I turned to see Niko Mcbrain standing there , it was unbelievable , he bought us both a pint and we spoke like we were 20yrs as friends , it was the best moment ever in my life , the bloke is a true gentlemen , best evening ever. It was before mobile phones too , but I have the memory......
- Jason Stone -

Why would anyone have the ride rest on the toms? I can't understand how this doesn't affect sound/mic'ing, etc...
- hugolafhugolaf -

Love you Nicko!!
- gator mike -