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who are these people


- GreyStar -

The way he talks reminds me of Pat O Brian.
- BigMuff75 -

"Always just us dudes." The sadness in his eyes is soul crushing.
- uncoveringthelost -

That new guy sounds so fucking similar to Rob Barrett from CC
- Dylan Heaton -

I'm a huge Nile fan. Nile's my favorite Death Metal band and hopefully in the future, I could see them live. Once I buy my first dean guitar, I'm going to play the cover of Black Seeds Of Vengeance.
- Jimmy Gray -

Brad is an awesome dude
- Cynthia Maney -

South Park, Borat and brutal death metal...what else could you ask for ?
- demian lombardo -

Whore baths hahaha!
- Didier Ivan -

I think Brian might be Phil Anselmo...sounds super similar
- Zac22 -

Where are the real Nile members?
- Michał Rękosiewicz -

Where's Karl ?
- Isaac Conegatto -

Greek coffee?! Not Egyptian coffee?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
- Goabnb94 -

Most serious bus invaders tour ever.
- Philipp Oes -

High on Fire, American Sharks, Red Fang....Those bands would be hilarious to watch a bus tour of! Lol

i like how he said "we try to eat a little healthy on tour" after showing all the snacks
- LOst NAtives -

it must be hard if you're dying for a crap in the middle of the night after a bad curry
- Inflamed Toe Juice In Harlem -

The new guy kind of looks like Dallas.
- Nick Kapp -

But where is George?
- Fiend S -