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where is my nigga karl
- postal dude -

Smile, it's NILE!
- Nicklaus Books -

So like why can't you shit on the bus?
- Frank Elderwood -

what camera set up do you use?? Thanks!
- Hails -

lol these guys are so gay
- Joe Ambly -

Hi Digital Tour Bus peoplez - thank you for posting your videos! Really digging it. Will add you on Instagram (drummermom81)
- Lavender Salad -

You wouldn't think 6 inches is important..but it always is
- tyler metz -

White bread sucks and Dallas quit the band? What the fhaaack!
- Mike Dixon -

Nile tour in style!
- Splintered Company -

omg they like fucking Borat thats one of my favorite movies another reason to love nile
- theMetal Gator666 -

Whos the new guy?
- Mr. MuthaFuckinJ -

I want that nile hoodie
- DanTheWildBirdMan -

theres a new guy in nile? waaaaa
- Loud Paw -

One question what's with the bread that's a lot of bread for some reason
- crusader gamer -

Guitar strap and a carton of cigs, that's all I need. Nice
- Brandon Cannady -

get bmth on this!!!
- Tom Hardy -

Yeah I've seen Nile and I don't recognize either of these dudes and just like the meet and greets no band members present here
- Goat Neck -

unexpectedly clean...
- paulsan2112 -

Love Nile
- Mike Mendez -

- Robin Hood -