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Who should we film with next?
- Digital Tour Bus -

How don't things fall from the counters when the bus is in motion?
- A Lo -

Hey! I've smoked weed on that bus!
- ScareCro -

Awesome. Long Live Nile.
- Chuloloc -

So Karl likes Apple Sauce.....
- Montgomery Reece -

Nile, one of the best... Wish Karl made an appearance.
- blazeandcyrus -

Clean bus, amazing.
- Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian -

- David Shoe -

I wonder if puking ( extra chunky) in the toilet is considered the same thing as taking the browns to the bowl on the bus?
- Fil Solano -

That demonstration was uncalled for
- Elvis Sorna -

Please do one with arch enemy
- Sparks Flames -

How the hell is Nile able to afford such a bus?
- Kwame kwame -

Only liquids in the toilet? I guess the only way #2 is going in there is when they get liquid diarrhea.
- jean moreno -

Saw Nile in dallas texas with soulfly they put on one hell of a show
- Tony FreeDrum -

Imagine if this show happened when dime was still alive! Mother FUCKER that would have been cool
- uncle al -

Brian vs Rob Barrett for most chill talking guy in Death Metal. Those two sound like they're on some downers and weed all the time.
- Chris Ian -

“Just the essential stuff... uhhh beer”
- Eric Cartman -

Fancy lol
- David Beauman -

these guys would be so fun to tour with :)
- ZER0 F0X -

Didn't they gave you anything to eat????
- Lhing Haokip -