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RIP my brother DIO. I saw you twice with Sabbath and once solo on Master of the Moon, the final solo tour supporting a new Dio album. Thank you for everything the music,the memories, your music cheers me up when the depression kicks in it really does. There is no one like you, I was fucking bummed when you passed. It felt like a family member died, my heart sunk. I wrote him a handwritten letter in 2010, I hope he got to read it.
- Justo Hernandez -

OH, such heaven to my ears....
- Julie Gogola -

Tonys my favorite guitarist. Sabbath is my favorite and ezly
- Richard 12 -

Tommy slow riff Iommi.
- Witold Domeyko -

Great album Love the Sabbath 🤘
- Mr Jingles -

"TIME" disappears with these riffs!

- Daniel Ramirez -

Whoever disliked has no good taste in music
- MagicLobster 171 -

Even Dio knew the earth is flat, and coming to an end....
- JC Cavazos -

I used to think Sabbath wasn't at their best without Ozzy. Damn I was wrong
- brettyh1 -

I must have listened to this track a thousand times but when I listen closely to the flow of this piece and its individual parts, It takes my breath away.
This is a musical masterpiece. Astonishing!

Mob Rules is in my top 5 Sabbath albums
- Breadcrumb Sins -

Falling off the edge of the world and sign of the southern cross TOTALLY KICK ASS
- vincent farrentino -

Geezer's bass is mesmerizing.
- Michael E -

damn. thanks video author for the video background @2:22
- Doom Archvile -

-a really good one, thx.

Black sabbath the best! 🖤🎸
- Jose Luis Arenas Prado -

This song seems even more relevant today. Sabbath & Dio have written a lot of music that will never die. R.I.P. RJD
- Larry Groover -

Once you go flat...
- Manny Foxgiven -

Jim Carrey fell off the edge of the world in "The Truman Show". Sort of.
- csrgatorfan -

Easily in the top 5 of Sabbath albums in my opinion. Hell, even top 3!
- lina -