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Oh right,this is if I don't recall it wrong,80s album fullof 80s sounding sabbath,little bit of power or ronnie james dio on vocals
- Jari Kannas -

que temaaaaaaaaaa DIO
- David Leonardo Torres Bayona -

2020 YEAH!!! we all falling off the edge of the world.....
- wedge 650 -

Uma das melhores musicas do Black Sabbath
- Delaine Moreno -

- Steve Roth -

R.I.P DIO. The Pavarotti of our baby boomer generation.
- MDR -

- Mark Solarz -

- Peyote Pete -

some superb 1980s rock--a blistering solo by tony, vinnie was certainly one of the best new players than.
- donald drysdale -

I can totally see how Dio was responsible for giving is Jeff Scot Soto, Jeff was inspired by Dio. Dio was just such a powerful vocalist, BUT, he could sing great softly also. He could go from 0 to the TOP of the MOST powerful metal vocals in less than 3 seconds...Okay, I am just meaning that Dio had such a great range of his voice that he was 1 of the BEST metal singers of all time. I will NOT get into the whole Ozzy vs Dio thing because, they BOTH have their own styles and they can't really compared as for the whole "powerful" thing. Ozzy isn't really in the whole "powerful" spectrum. His vocals were unique, and fit with so many songs in early Sabbath, you do NOT need or could use "power" while singing "planet caravan" and "War pigs", etc.
- Julie Gogola -

La mejor cosa que se a creado
- Karen Bustamante -

Where is the edge of the world anyway. With more and more people believing the earth is flat how come noone has sailed to the edge and flew a drone with a video camera on it to film what's on the other side of the edge of the world?
- Underdog -

Is he still gone? 💔 I figured he’d return. I miss Ronnie. He was a one of a kind human being.
- Kevin Mcnamara -

I would have dimmed the stars and not shown the album cover. And showed some weird shit after that. Just so you know, hey Spike?
- Bunkie112 -

Effin yeah!!!
- Garry Frost -

I love black sabbath
- Florante Ruiz -

An absolute Masterpiece ✝️🤟
- mister smith -

One of the most underrated Sabbath albums. A heavy beautiful album, under appreciated. Rock on 2019 !!
- Ghost RacerX -

He could of made two songs out of this! 🤙🏽 one of the greatest
- Richmond CAXiv -

SHEER BRILLIANCE! You just can't match it.
- Greg Skaalrud -