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Avicii isn't dead because...

Legends never die..
- Pan zoid -

Rip, we'll see you on the other side
- Michelle Mann -

From Holland 🇳🇱: We will miss you ❤️
- Poison _Snake -

These guys have made our childhood awesome. You will always be remembered for your great musics.
- Satvik Patel -

Avicii KING
- Michał Kózka -

Roses are red, sometimes there blue, rest well my friend avicii we love you 💓
- Barrett HADFIELD -

I will always have you in my heart dude you made so many people happy. This song is 😭. All the love from Australia man
- Barrett HADFIELD -

missing avicii so much.. 😭❤
- Pringgabaya Gelamang -

Don’t cry because he’s gone
Smile because he was here
R.I.P Avicci
- AngryBettle29 9 -

- Alexander Grüner -

His beats follow my heart beats
- kurry kap one -

From Italia🇮🇹
Everyone will remember his music and I swear my children will get to know this man his music🙏
- WaYs_Dilan -

From Spain, Catalonia🇪🇸
- Ot Herrera -

- Alan xd3448 -

Can anyone answer why the original music video got took down
- GK call1 -

Mohammad khattak farzana sharfin zara Carter kaine smith
- Farzana Begum -

Avicii if you see this please reply.

Your song 'Without You' relates to me so much. My dad left when i was 3 and ever since i haven't seen him. I am now 14. I have grown up without him. I am now going to high school without him and you know what. I wouldn't be in the right mind set right now without your song. Your song is so powerful it kept me alive.

Love you Avicii!
- Abi Owen -

Weri goot love song
- Remo Amrein -

Sorry 1 jears tead
- Remo Amrein -

Wat avici is tead since 2 jears 2019 song of Markt wow nice weri goot
- Remo Amrein -