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Miss U so much Avicii,a legend,rip in your world now,miss u!
- Maximum Tune Guy -

The best song I’ve ever heard
- Maximum Tune Guy -

Are you alive? no way are you alive
- ZAYREX 645 -

good song
- Famke van Geuns -

Avicii had a great lived a life that he would not forget. And it may have been a short life but he still did have a life that he and no one else will ever forget for a long, long time.

R.I.P Avicii
9/8/1989 - 4/20/2018
- Nick Aprill -

<3 avicii
- Wolf Gaming -

From me: Avicii was one of the first djs when I was like 7 my nanny made me listen to it and to this day I can still remember every lyric to that song. Over time I moved on from him to other edm but he was the OG and he is the reason I am literally the only boy who does not listen to rap. RIP Avicii u will stay in everyone’s heart and your empathy may lead you to heaven
- Nebula Vortex HD -

"Can you hear me SOS?" I. FELT. THAT.
- Blah Blah Blah ! -

this song makes me feel really, really sad
- Blah Blah Blah ! -

te echamos de menos todos. ❤️descansa en paz
- Segismundo Amoros Sanchez -

Now in Sky you are doing music for God and for A ngeles
- Juan Carlos Soler Martín -

Now in the Sky you are doing more Big things for and for the Ángel
- Juan Carlos Soler Martín -

You are a the BEST legend if DJ we LOVE you
- Juan Carlos Soler Martín -

Avicii is un the group if leyends with marsmello Martín Harris and Alan Walker web LOVE you Avicii you are the BEST i Will Tello yo muy sons you Music Fantastic
- Juan Carlos Soler Martín -

- Fishing X -

100% TALENT 🔥😢
- Fili Gagliano -

Quem veio pela Gabi luthai?
- Hoje é sonho amanhã realidade -

I love this tribute song but why would people dislike this it a beautiful song rest in peace please people that disliked this tribute video think In your head of what your doing because this might hurt other people's feelings
- Leandro Silva -

When I'm older I will tell my children how awesome Avicii
- David Nolan -

- ゆんぴ。 -