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You tell about Gibson ES-335, but show Chuck Berry with ES-355. Okay.
- Дмитрий Марченко -

2:50 did he fuckin say “basewood”
- Clarence Beaks -

Les Paul better than Stratocaster
- Володимир -

Well, 8:47 yer blues is from John Lennon but the song was released with the Beatles on the white album
- Jesus T -

Les Paul, GARY MOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????
- Zoltán Bátonyi -

(See K immediately below)-I'll tell what's wrong..the les paul guitar should be, at best #3. Telecaster # 2 and the immortal STRATOCASTER # 1...that's what's wrong.
- Mike Rodericks -

My favourite guitar it's a Brian May signature
- Paulo Ferreira -

Where is the Brian May signature guitar ?
- Paulo Ferreira -

ES335でB.B KINGを、StratocasterでEric Claptonを紹介しないなんて頭がおかしい。
- まさやんたろう -

Creo que no habéis nombrado al creador de la Guitarra Leo Fender, pues el fue el que creo la guitarra eléctrica por eso lleva su apellido. Matías jabs de Scorpions lleva la Gibson explores al Igual que James Hetfield, Edward Van Halen también han llevado esta serie de guitarra. Etc... Jejejeje.
- Juan Ramon Carreres Candela -

ES-335 is where it’s at
- JackóAttackó -

where is the reverse flying v
- A Human -

poor scumbags they talk about jag and red hot but not nirvana
- no tozog -

what a fucking disgrace ,brits have never made a single awesome guitar,but they have made the best music
- no tozog -

next time a fucking moron is telllig the word iconic i'll fucking blow his head off
- no tozog -

Did he say 'and a humbuckers' at the SG bit of the video
- Milan Milacic -

Prs Santana or Custom 24??
- Brilliance Studios -

Top 10 Guitar Models shown you by people who obviously do nothing know about what makes a guitar model unique!
Perhaps they wanted to show the best selling...?
- Andreas Winzen -

I would have put the Danelectro and the Jazzmaster in the top 10. 😧
- Todd Humphrey -

La stangata piano tutorial
- Surrealist universe gold Private -