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Great song... never done in concert... should have been a hit, I guess.
- Hartmut Kreckel -

David Coverdale..there is no one like him.
- Valeri Penkov -

Coverdale had one of the most soulful voices in rock, listen to his Nothwinds album , any blues/ rock enthusiast will be better for the experience, yes some of his lyrics were cringeworthy on later Whitesnake albums ,however difficult to fault Blindman ,ain’t no love and many other songs.
I remember Miss Nightingale ripping into him in a Sounds interview, she was clearly not enamoured with the Lovehunter album cover , can’t think why?
Bernie Marsden is still performing In his own right and has supported Jst recently, his voice is still great , check out his solo albums “ About time too “ and Shine,
He also has a Bernie plays Rory cd which is also fantastic.
Keep rocking brothers and sisters.
- tony howard -

Best 'Snake line-up by far :-)
- Lord Oxton -

David and Jon taking it seriously, the rest, not so much....:-)
- Arthur Smith -

un tipo para sacarse el sombrero hizo lo que quiso y se convirtio en un inigualable sin ningunada duda todo mi respeto a este señor con todas las letras a y gracias por todo lo que hizo por el rock
- gervasio carballeda -

Neil Murray great bassist
- Pitmirk -

"Now, come on lads. We need to write something that sounds like "Since You've Been Gone" to keep the record company happy."
- Jim Gardner -

Dear Christ. This is fucking awful. I love it.
- Jim Gardner -

Thanks So Much,David !!! Still beeing My Favourite Line up of All The Great Whistenake Line ups All Over The Years !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!
- David Gadea -

Far better than the hairspray and soft leather look of later years
- Colin Gage -

O melhor de todos os vocalistas do rock
- Márcio eu ouvindo agora Morreira -

When Whitsnake is in your best
- MrBr45 -

Il playback e imbarazzantissimo
- Giuseppe Lanzafame -

La mejor época de whitesnake !!!!!!
- Pablo DB -

Great song please check out Whitesnake - Lovehunter Album Review on my channel
- 420 Express -

In his book, Bernie Marsden says the director thought the song was called "Long Way From Rome", hence the Roman pillars. The band were unimpressed with his demands so acted like tarts until he left.
- Marc Davis -

Great song
- Dude Dinkli -

- Earlene Guthrie -

This is from Love Hunter . Wow 🐍 🇺🇸 🇬🇧
- webmillions -