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3:08 - oh God, Silent Flight Parliament. I just love that part. Literally one of the best things this guy has written for the band (I suppose he wrote it because it's the kind of stuff he writes). Nice video!
- Manuel -

I love this band !! Anyone know what song he's playing at about 1.03 please ?
- slabrosewood -

i could listen to Paul play forever. My favorite guitar player of all time.
- Buck Futtler -

How are those port city amps? They any good?
- John Botelho -

"We're from uh, an unspecified city in North Caroline, most definitely not Raleigh for some reason."
- Billy Perry -

for 2700 may aswell buy a suhr
- WinterMadness05 -

So gun to my head if I had one complaint there is too much high end. That being said It is necessary since DW uses such a dark tone that it blends well and takes away some of that bite.
- arda haywood -

He has one of the best sounding pickup sets out there
- Eddie Chabak -

Thanks for this awesome video! BTBAM is my favorite band and Paul Waggoner is a HUGE inspiration to me and one of the best progressive guitar players of all time! I never realized how clear the PW hornets were I will be ordering a set for my ESP!
- Jim Dewd Guitars -

SELKIES.. just sayin
- neilius85 -

- Kiattisak Taniktangtrakool -

I haven't heard very many people cite George benson as an inspiration but he is soooo fucking good xP not very many metal heads are into that aspect of jazz maybe? idk...I think his influence on technical guitar playing is underrated
- Kinnzie Martin -

Damn, this Jesus trucker hipster look is normally hideous. But it works on Paul!
- Lieutenant Dude -

This is why you have to practice people, not just learn power chords.
- HDDrummer -

I giggled a little when he said "swamp ash."
- Dan Onymous -

Anyone know what song he's playing at about 3:15? It sounds so familiar
- James Orban -

- Jackson Roe -

that selkies tho
- Jackson Roe -

Pauls parents: Mozart & Jesco White
- krillton -

playing an ibanez.... has a PRS tattoo... AWKWERRRRRRD
- Sebastian Knee-Wright -