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so.. is this song about rape but from the rapist's perspective or?
- Psychlone -

.......Because of me.
- HomerMcPoT101 -

- lxstlxnelybxy -

the last line is haunting...
- almost medic -

I made a promo for this album, Cage and Def Jux put it up on their myspace and websites. Good times. Great album. 🎩💪🏻 #IKnowWhy #rightright
- RandomDealer -

Wait did this get deleted from its original YouTube uploader?
- Maggie Mothe -

Не знал что слава кпсс начал читать на английском
- Kirill Yartsev -

Cage looks like cage the elephant...
- Michael Holtz -

Anyone else see the similarities between this video and Eminem's "Not Afraid" video?
- melvoHD -

This ain’t emo it’s satanic. It’s a stalking ,B&E, murder. If it was emo it would be on some distance shit and we would all be like you just kidnap her homie. But nah my man gives the play by play on a triple criminal offense. The lyricisms is so god like. The flow melodic. If my girl didn’t get with me when she did you would have found me in the news paper. ;)
Edit: I was listening to zayne malik-it’s you and this was in the recommended lol I have listened to it over a hundred times but it’s still funny to me.
- Kevin Carr -

Cage with Louis Stevens and the guy from Hatebreed. Damn.
- Jessie Palermo -

Still listening to this in 2019 🖤
- Lena Valdez -

This is like my 3rd comment over like so many years. But this shit deserves some more recognition. The story value of this is just so dope. It’s a masterful track. Relatable to the true narcissist and the embodiment of rap. Probably labeled as some emo shit because of its darkness yet hip hop is all about murder and gang banging. We need more shit like this. Immortal technique and gmoskee.
- Kevin Carr -

I dont se how em bite this guys style but when I listen it seems like this guy named hobo Johnson did
- Steven Collis -

Cage is such a amazing talented musician.
- John The King Robinson -

Realest love song ever written.
- John The King Robinson -

DefJux gawds
- Cerissa Lopez -

Nicky's music is so much better I love listening to a fat talentless slut that gets all her music writin for her best of all everyone knows she started of in porn my question is why does her music have to be everywhere the theme of the song is mental illness but still this guy was hard to find is mental illness not as good of a talking subject then a fat talentless slut
- jeremi adams -

To to 8 ways to die with icp. Odd yes
- Darryl Smith -

This guys sucks
- Paul Smith -