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Saw them here in Las Vegas 1989.
I remember people bumping into one another pre concert time.
The thing about this was no one said excuse me or sorry
Rather a hey there with a smile.
Happened all thru the concert.
Yeah.... you dig?
- Richard Woolley -

Levon helms version is much more believable more grittier
- Donnie Lee -

Met Tennessee jed at bonaroo!!!
- Matthew Barker -

Falcor is that you?!
- P. R. -

San Francisco ROCKS
- Montgomery Denzer -

i was at this show. Our car got broken into, but not by deadheads (the one thing they didn't touch was my Dead guitar songbook... but the guitar is long gone). Funny thing was when we went to the police station to report it, they had this photo hierarchy in the office, with Marion Barry at the top. This was just as that scandal was breaking. It was also the murder capitol of the US. Can't say I remember this show without looking at a setlist. We were on the whole East coast summer swing, so the shows and drugs all melted together wonderfully... correction... this is Vince & Bruce era. I was referring to Brent's last tour.
- Kevin of Parker -

Damn miss ya Jerry. Looks rough here. Remember kids-Excess aint rebelling if you’re drinking what the man is selling.
- rockiemosley -

this is a good performance and also so is the drugged out Britney Spears 2007 VMA performance.
- J M -

This sucks, why don't you just play all adds and skip the music, fuck off
- dan buell -

I heard this song for the first time on Europe '72 and have liked it ever since. Always brings a smile when I hear it... Tennessee Jed is of course one of many Hunter characters. shows the song title and the character in the song don't exactly match up. The line in the song is “let's head back to Tennessee, Jed,”
- Steven Korn -

Love this footage, never got to experience The Dead like my dad... Still have these videos though :) ..
- dubseedz757 -

Gettin lost I jerrys' hair 1:17 ..wish I was a Follicle..✌
- Korny Sinclair -

I love her
- Mike Kroll -

They were perfect this night.
- 72kalvin -

Love Vince’s high harmonies.
- Michael Leventhal -

Very similar to Rock'n roll Doctor by Little Feet
- Geoffry Llewellyn -

Simpler times; iodine cured everything!
- Greg GD61 -

I've seen a lot of bands play in my life.
The grateful dead I even traveled to see, several times. They didn't need pyrotechnics or laser light shows, and they packed auditoriums, stadiums...
Heck, you could just go check out the parking lot for a day's entertainment.
- Rick Stanley -

Even Bruce is amazed at Jerry.
- Jerry Muzak -

And the fact that Bruce Hornsby is rocking the hell out of the keys is that much more amazing!
- Johnny Flipp -