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- Gabriel Grecu -

I wish I had resurrection power because I would raise Pac from the dead.
- Greg Bostick -

Anlattıklarını doruklarına kadar hissedebildiğim için çok mutluyum huzur içinde uyu pac❤
- Alperen Acem -

RIP 2pac
- David Tamakloe -

Je suis qui ptn
- Ilham 'Digits_15 -

2019 ??
- G H O S T -


2pac Shakur-Rapper,Poet
Galileo Galilei- Astronomy
Charles Darwin-Evolution Theory
Isaac Newton-Laws of Gravity.
William Shakespeare-Poet,Playwright
Albert Einstein- Relativity Theory
- steve njenga -

pac is the one of the best Rapper's in the world
- Matthew Remijio -

Milonne ye 2pac
- pekënhiõ frakito -

pac wasnt just about rhymes he was talking from he's heart too bad he got so paranoid tho world whould be a better place with him in it
- utmost submarine -

First of all, the dislike button should be disabled for all Tupac Songs. What separated Tupac from the rest is he spoke and rapped from the HEART. Only God can judge me now, I mean the message is is brilliant. Speaking as a white man born and raised in LA this is so true 'They say it's the white man I should fear but it's my own kind doing the killing here." So true, you are more likely to get killed by someone from your race than another race. Tupac was really ahead of his time and a pioneer.
- Mike Johnson -

Brian bee what it do detroit big b from detroit a fan rip 2pac beedog detroit Chicago new York ATL South Africa
- Neal Bonner -

Tupac Shakur was controversial, but he really knew what was going down in reality.
- Mystic Productions -

- ez wider -

Antol & Bekyar Arbedul
- Bolton Tengeluk -

- Mike Powell -

They all killed this track
- Charles williams -

The disrespect its “feat: rappin 4 tay” some bs
- Lor Bmoreflow -

De dallas fort worth BM
- Dilyana Petrova -

Whoever kiiled topac I hope they rest in hell. I wish topac was still living.
- Antoine Williams -