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I was driving my cousin's car Mercedes Benz S 500 AMG because he was a little bit drunk and being beside me. We were enjoying this cool stuff of this song and did made a speed of 320 kmh (200 mph) OMG that was so crazy but awesome 😎😎😎😎😎😎
- Hans Schicklgruber -

- Alder Falter -

Devils Music
- 2pac The Killuminati page -

Hot chick in black on left in 0:12 :)
- A S -

I have a nuclear cardiology appointment in the morning and right now I'm listening to you. Yes!!
- Em Dee -

I absolutely love this. You Michael look like Nick Nurse reading that book. LOVES. Of course we all know that the king of the whole world is Lewis Hamilton F1 yay!!! Love you guys always in my car for the last 5 years. <3
- Em Dee -

- jò da silva cunha -

Whoa there devil horns, it's Volbeat, not Dio. Great live band.
- matt spears -

- Andres Campero -

These guys will save rock and roll
- David Troute -

Bonner Springs, KS, USA was GREAT!
- Rex Menace -

This makes me wanna rumble!
- Detertronix GunFuphoniex -

5.11.19 Zürich switzerland! was great!
- Nadia Arwen -

I’m beginning you,come to Russia please!
- Эмир Будахов -

The first time i heard this I thought he was saying 'the fire fell from your eyes' and not "leviathan open your eyes" Love Volbeat.
- Mary Colby -

Why does this song make me wanna play pokemon? :O
- darthroflex -

They are on fire 🔥
- MsPie666 -

одна з найкращих рок груп світу!
Ви в моему серці!!!!!!!!
- Ignat Shanskiy -

1:25 Look that foot, beautiful
- Alice -

How can anyone thumbs down Volbeat? Leviathan means anything of size & power. Michael’s voice is so awesome.
- Gia Ferrara DVM -