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i was trying to find this after hearing it on the radio by looking up rock songs with eyes and i was so happy i found it
- Hunter Ruth -

If the makers of Tony hawk needed one more song to put in their playlist.......
- Kyle Lewis -

It’s like Elvis married country music and and gave birth to a rock singer. Truly a great amalgamation of the three genres of music. Hands down, my favorite group.
- Jerramie Helmick -

love it sooooooo much
- brendan mcaleese -

The Radio Station that's on where I Work Plays This Classic Masterpiece Every Night I work also I seen Volbeat Open Up For Slipknot Last Year at The KnotFest RoadShow In Scranton PA It was An Epic Experience
- ThePepperChallenger2 -

I heard this on the radio and thought it was a love song because I can’t understand the dude’s accent very well. But damn, the lyrics are surprisingly fucked up.
- metalheavythrasher -

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG!!! So heartbroken I didn't get to see them in concert. STUPID Covid19! Volbeat is a must see as soon as we can get to concerts again!! Hard Rock has not died!!! Their 2019 album has topped all their other albums!
- Monica Soliz -

Turn dat shit up!!
- Jim Walcker -

happy listening misc
- ivan snegireff -

Wait a minute this isn't a pokemon go how to video
- Luke Hart -

A year later, still hasn't left my playlist. Just can't get enough of this one.
- Steven Dyck -

- Simple Things -

Fucking awesome. I love it
- joey reamer -

Rock and Roll is not dead in 2020.
- Cory Mcfall -

Magnifique album encore. 🤩😜Tellement triste qu'ils ne viennent pas en France en juin 😥
- florence labruyere -

Why is it that i got an A in english but yet i can't understand a word this guy sings in any of their songs lol, it literally sounds as if he's singing english and danish at the same time
- aleksander olsen -

Ryan Curtis is gay and wanks off to scratchy to this song
- Seqta -

My favorite band, ive been a fan since 2013 a friend introduced me and loved it
- antonio crdz -

Mega geil I love Volbeat ❤
- Marcel Gerlach -

I may or may not associate this song with Final Fantasy... Sorry, not sorry.
- ShadowLion20 -