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I like this song very much indeed
- rhian jones -

J'aime tellement votre musique j'attends avoir l'argent pour aller chercher un tyros 3 comme vous
- Lise Ledoux -

Haha ! just really nice and made me smile mate....cheers from the UK xx
- iseeolly -

One wrong chorus
- james Yu -

que arte si.
- mateo prada nicloas -

That is one of all time favourites .........It took me a long time to learn the chords sequence so difficult .......
- O -

Lovely happy music. Thank you.
- Tomo mac -

Hello betifol sound vidio bravo good day thanks jou ingrid akkermans
- Ingrid Akkermans -

The music is so good. The scene out of your window reminds me of New Hampshire. Happy Trails
- MrBuzzSargent -

Absolutely wonderful! You make me smile as I tap my foot! I wish I played as great as you. (And a big shame on you to those who thot Carlton faked his vids. Must be a jealousy thing.)
- Sue Robinson -

Very good the chord sequence is really difficult......
- O -

Well done
- Brad Sullivan -

- L I -

Thank you,brilliant
- Brendan Lynch -

Bass is a tad too loud, making it hard to hear the melody.  Don't you just love his view of his yard and pond.  Don't you just love he wants to show you what he has.
- Hank Roedell -

Não me canso de ouvir esse maravilhoso artista,musica muito bonita e um musico incrivel e magico.Parabéns.Abraço
- Miguel Berruezo y Landa -

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree- similar "Brotherhood Of Man - Save Your Kisses For Me
- Krzysztof Kolanek -

You are w
- reginald hartley -

No embalo .... pra desejar a todos tecladista e participantes um feliz Natal Paz a todos....22-12-2019 Zetão Itapeva SP Brasil........
- Donizetti lima -

Is the sound superimposed?
- Вадим Кулик -