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I remember i found the song of the intro but that was a really long time ago...some one knows wich song was??
- TheeBraunnis Real2.0 -

what an epic shirt
- Kenny Shaw -

- Arieyan Muslim -

Jaja me dio risa su playera
De soy el único chico en la banda
- XBOX Genesis XGT -

Some obvious influence from Steve Vai's JEM here. The last four frets are scalloped, there's a handle built into it, and its pickup configuration is HSH. He's a great guitarist. I guess everyone has to get their influence from somewhere.
- Gunslinger -

So the other dragon force band members are gay
- Al Al -

hacking up , perfectly good guitars!,,.. i can see changing the bridge, but chopping stuff, one can do that ,, at home, with a dremel tool!,,.. no need to pay custom shop!, .. i can't understand the point of this vid!
- Gene Kloszewski -

Hes left handed???
- Ridho Wiranatakusumah -

is it just me or is the whole scalloped 20-24 frets simply a waste of time.....this has super-bugged me since the original JEMs. As the frets get closer together your ability to push the string below the level of the fret becomes less of an issue. With the string riding high your fingers are further from the board than at the lower frets so surely the scalloping is at the wrong end of the finger board?!?!?!? bad Steve Via for turning a cosmetic alteration into something that others lap up without question........perhaps it's just a legacy thing....his will is gonna read somting like....."Dear JEM players....Hahahahahahahaha!!"
- Marcus hanley -

minta 1 dong om li
- bro bray -

I have a rare one. The ibanez s370 rrf. Man I love it. 2001 run...s series is my fave.
- Robert Clark -

I really dont get the idea of having the grip.... Is it just one fancy design just to have distinction from the S series line? I cant see how will it affect your playing bozo!
- CJ VP -

SIGNATURE MODEL... Latin for overpriced standard guitar.
- Vito B -

Shodu poslal bi ego na xyz :-) But za 2 - 3000 $ dumaju sdelal bi ( narod , kak vam prikol ?)...! XYZovomu tancoru jajca meshajut :-))
- Александр Горыныч -

Stupid: everyone can DIY at home, no custom shop even needed, if you do it carefully not even damage original paintwork. Waste of time and money for such a nonsense, completely useless.
- Rob Van Der Molen -

Whats that opening song called?
- Blue Falcon -

I really love his accent
- Account II -

No ear muffs in the workshop? Come on guys! (just like the rest of DragonForce likes to do, according to that shirt)
- Jimmy -

I think I laughed for 5 minutes through the video cause of shirt. that's awesome...
- Ryan T -

I need ur guitar
- Sundayana De -