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7:52 - 8:08 didn’t Tony play that solo bit in Electric Funeral 1978?
- Mr. Mudhoney -

Greatest metal band of all time. I love you, Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, and Bill. I can’t live without your music.
- Carla Sanchez -

You aimed feeling shortens of life...induction of head and chamber take a bullet to the head Satan is the God they looked for in their stay to bring end to love life grown in your pants no wear near grief and sober dent banks bent another run too long See through you everything your move price what can't make it till there so longing to the tally make the change bounce where is love when we makes it this way
- ashley phillips -

We miss you Mr Paul Lovas r I p
- Edward Pankowski -

This is a cover of a song by The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - Click here
- Alex Yamach -

Saw them in Buffalo in 76 with Ted Nugent
- Joseph Delaney -

Hey Jimmy Page! Stick this in your pipe and smoke it. Amazing guitar
- Scott Landers -

This one gets left out a lot! To me it is one of the best ones they did!
- Ken Cozart -

This album is indescribable....I mean honestly they set the bar 50 years ago in my opinion and are yet to be rivaled in this genre of music.....the instrumental lineup....I mean 🙌.
- Rad Rad -

Boy am I glad my dad raised my listening to this
- Aaron Alderman -

- Anthony Arroyo -

- Cody Bryson -

Black Sabbath is 10× better than the Beatles.
- Clayton Reutter -

Wow 599👎! How disrespectful!!!
- Thomas B. Mawn -

Saludos a todo el mundo , desde Bernal , Buenos Aires , Argentina . Por siempre black sabbath , este tema , para mí , es uno de los mejores de los Sabbath . Pasaron 50 años de su grabación , hoy suena mejor que ayer . Que viva black sabbath .
- Rober Silva -

I can't find any song that's giving me the same feeling
- mybluepickles -

My all time favorite!!! 40 years ago my neighbor Frank was blasting this!! Needless to say we became good friends not to mention a month later I was frying on shrooms and cranking this full blast at midnight watching my room breathe. Was fucking awesome!! My Mom came in wondering what I was doing so I told her. She just looked at me and went back to bed and went to work the next day and didn't say anything about it. Didn't do it again either. Lol. Can't believe I'm 53. Sumbitch! Love and miss you Mom! To other people who lost Mom this past year also, you are not alone even through all the crap going on out there. I hear ya! Happy Mother's Day Everybody! Thanks Mom!!
- Randall Dixon -

Today was the first day I heard this song. I can safely say it lives up to its reputation
- Naruto Sasuke -

Tony Iommi is amazing, especially when you think he plays with a plastic cap over one of his guitar neck fingers. Lost the tip in a accident
- Michael Wolf -

Gawd I hope they tour again. Saw them in 2013 at the Gorge WA--just incredible...had tickets for Mt. View Shoreline Amph last year before his health took a bad turn.
- Ross Gooding -