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Song smokes!!! And what is Izzy doing in the woods on a late chilly November evening?? Hahahahahahaha
- Sloppy Jonuts -

Pshchedelic Smitty from Soup City (Campbell Soup, Camden NJ) Nothing but solid memories as I introduced the ghetto with an Original Ghetto Blaster - 8 track with 8 "D Batteries BLASTING BS, Pink Floyd, etc. in the Hi Speed Line (Pun Intended) train and the Malls! 70 now and still teaching the youngsters! What the Internet revived
- Abdulaziz Faruq -

This song melts my soul...
- SuperLalulalu -

Cool and Casual all the way through!! What a voice!!! What a powerful song!!!!!
- Roger Hickman -

Warn deez nutz
- JD Raeb -

John Denver was satanic. Ozzy is the son of hey zuz Jesus
- Mike Mcintosh -

Thank you. Beautiful
- Mike Mcintosh -

Yes yes yes
- Martin Barnes -

8:09 HEAVIEST drop of all fucking time. That went from like the 18th fret to an open E on the guitar. That's fucking DEEP and HEAVY man, makes my soul jump out of me every time I hear that transition from the soft guitar to that deep abyssal dive bomb.
- Fish Sticks -

Once again, MR Ward delivers!
- Budahbaba -

I need those drums

here I go again
- shan orrison -

black sabbath ..was opened the pandora box
- alejandro galfredo -

Probably the best Sabbath song, musically.
- Grant Wood -

At 55,I still love this as much as when I was 13.
- Scott Kaye -

- Scott Kaye -

Every young man's heartache turned into what became a salvation for millions of broken hearts. Sabbath lay it All for Metal in 1970 no one was doing this, Zep was a Force but mostly covers at the beginning, Sabbath had the creativity, darkness and power w the same superb individual talent as Zep . Here they are opening the Gates of Hell, in America this was like water to a starving pissed off Generation as well as the rest of the world. NO more Flowers in Your Head. but a Bullet and Success. 1970 Hendrix, Cream, Zep then Sabbath. All the Way. The Sound kept evolving, listen to the Funk and Jazz here, incredible.
- Ludwig van Beethoven -

the bass is delicious
- Bailey Krouse -

i like it
- Bailey Krouse -

This is the best love song ever
- Lloyd Lassich -