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Ozzy is my favorite ! Black sabbath was very popular where my dad used to work in Egypt and I remember coming for the Holidays from England and everyone that I met used to ask me for any new music from this band.
- Sheri hello -

All in 1 song .
I love Black Sabbath
- Chris Warren -

i love how YouTube credited the writers as the band members of Green Day. Wrong "Warning" song YT.....
- Kat -

Why does Spotify have this as 2 songs in one ?
- Fish4blunts -

You ever wished you could play, even half as good, freely and great as Bill, Kieffy and Bono...? But had to restrict to the molignant and trendy sound bites of nothingness..? Welcome to the machine!
- Ozz Bow -

Today and this albums release is twice as long as this albums release and the end of World War II.
- bertmustin -

Turn that Blues up till your neighbors cry boo hoo
- James Adamson -

Has anyone ever skipped through the song? I know I haven’t
- 卐ϟ Zyphe ϟ卐 -

Geezers riffs with Wards drums - off the hook!!
- Jody S. -

Sister cricking sister, super stupid
- Margaret Burns -

What a Jam! So 70’s! It’s like Jazz Metal
- KillaCrossover318 -

This on my old tube scott kit in the 70s still is unmatched

OH! FUCK! I forgot all about this album! Holy Crap ! Thank You for reminding me! T
- tdhayes1 -

I always love the almost spooky "ghostly" if you will, sound effect at the very beginning 😅
- Anthony Farley -

Iommi just raped the SG
- Ronnie Dover -

I blew out my parents new Zenith speakers. They were round with a cone on the inside.This album is why music Matters!
- rod cox -

This album is incredible. I started listening it when I was 10 years old. Still listen to it to this very day. I'm 42 now. Every other album I listened to when was a kid bored me by now. Must be some kind of sorcery.
- fumaremigel -

- R. P. -

And only four ones that we loved and four to maybe a small adornment animal Pokemon
- Out of state prison bus -

Except for Dolly clutch hitch
- Out of state prison bus -