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Finally a comparison that is actually back to back so a real difference can be heard. Thank you sir! I didn't feel like swapping my guitar strings to see the difference and now I don't have to
- James Cummings -

Just bought my first set of strings for my tele. They’re 10s but I after watching this I’m gonna buy some 9s tomorrow lol
- Todd Parker -

I’ve been debating on going from 9s to 10s. I have that same strat same color with cust shop tx spec pups. I think I’m gonna try the 10s based on your tone examples. Thanks man. Great video.
- Redneck reviews -

I think 9s are brighter, i have 10s.
- sam boyd -

play what feels right, overwhelmingly 9's!! no shame
- James Wyatt -

09-42 or 09-46?
- Soiio -

.09 is more sexy and blues perfect.
- Aldrin Malicay -

9 sounds better to my ears in this video
- Nils Arvidson -

- Adan D -

9‘s clearly the winner. Yeah the 10’s might be beefier. But they are muddy as well. For a clear and defined tone I would always choose the 9’s.
- LowEndStrings -

How refreshing to have an actual comparison / demo of something which is well thought out, clearly labelled, not exclusively doused in heavy distortion, IN TUNE !!! , and the playing is excellent to boot ! So many times I go looking for some answer and only have more questions - but not with you. The Seymour Duncan "Rails" demo was excellent too. Hats off to you sir !
- philplaysit -

Colm Lindsay did need to adjust anything on the guitar when u placed 10s
- Xavi A. -

0:02 neck pups 10s
0:12 neck pups 9s
0:25 neck/middle pups 10s
0:34 neck/middle pups 9s
0:43 middle pups 10s
0:54 middle pups 9s
1:07 mid/bridge 10s
1:21 mid/bridge 9s
1:38 bridge pups 10s
1:49 bridge pups 9s
2:00 neck pups 10s
2:41 neck pups 9s
3:19 neck/mid 10s
3:33 neck/mid pups 9s
3:45 middle pups 10s
4:00 middle pups 9s
4:13 mid/bridge pups 10s
4:29 mid/bridge pups 9s
4:48 bridge pups 10s
5:02 bridge pups 9s

Thank me later. 👌🙂
- Jay Nartz -

I just switched to 10s on my SRV strat and I found my bends being more precise and accurate to what I want to play. I’m definitely switching to 10s (tho I might do the Ernie ball ones once my fender strings wear out).

Might keep 9s on my AmeriPro Tele. Nothing beats 9s on a tele
- Marcus Corporal -

Well you can put .10 and tune it half step down, it would be like .9 😏
- Nathan Lagesse -

.09 sounds much better than .10. You also can hear it very clearly that you have more control over the strings.
- PorssiMies -

the springs of the vibrato have a different traction and must be adjusted . But you do not use tremolo
- Franc -

I prefer the .09 it just has a crisper sound
- vandieselcuuuz -

it works backwards, the lower you play the 9's they get darker than the 10's.. the higher you play the 10,s they get brighter than the 9's? in the middle they are both about the same
- nineball26 -

10s for down tuning and 9s for standard thats it.
- Jhones Midtimbang -