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There is only one hope for humanity.

- IAN 4000 -

cool but I feel love was originally payed on a moog I guess
- Federico Pinci -

Super! U love tour creations
Have you ever tried; róisín murphy overpowered ?
- Maurice Nuijten -

Art for my ears,thank you!
- Roland de Ronde -

- AtomSound -

couldve written down or at least said the notes moron
- Daniel Adams -

So funny and inspiring. Thanks!
- Rafa -

Early electronics on dedicated machines with singers who did not need auto tune still had tons of feeling. Yes I do love it. I even love your singing
- Stanley Williams' Big Dreams -

- Jamaika Ferreira -

TB-303 IS the synthesizer. Oh yeah, my nick is poly303. Think about that
- poly303 -

F### yeah
- Adam Work -

Best maschine ever!
- interbow -

with the singing I think you have to go a few octives higher :-) ...good vid!!
- Press B To Crouch -

Thank a lot,really good video. Please can you make some more :::!!!???? thk
- Jack artemisia -

Crazy Man 💣😂👍
- Maurizio Silvestri -

you sound like the singer for OMC.. how bizarre
- teddy pendergrass -

It also works perfectly with a Behringer TD-3. Just followed the reproduction, and when you are experimenting a bit, not expecting to end up with 100% matching knob settings, it does sound exactly same!
(to be fair: you have to experiment considerably less if you first make sure that you are not overdriving your soundcard input - otherwise you might experiement for a while... :-))
- 1stapproach -

Most of Moroder’s bass lines in this era used a delay to make it 16ths from 8ths
- Deniue -

this is sick!!! big up
- Lewis Brown -

I'm absolutely fan of your work. I love your enthusiasm and your good mood, you are a real kid in front of your machines, and I love it
- cdemurger -