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Most beautiful song by a terrific band off a wonderful album.
- soccerdudex100 -

Oh ......yeaaaaa
- JoJo Norris -

The most underrated album ever made..In my opinion..
- D parsons -

The Who played this beautiful song last night at The Hollywood Bowl. Tears filled my eyes. I will never forget. 😔
- Sylvia Franklin -

Imagine a man
Not a child in any remote
But a plain man tied up in lies
Imagine the son
Running out as he struts
Parading and fading ignoring his wife
Imagine a road
So long looking back
But you can't really see where it began to run out
Imagine a love
So large and so smooth
With against it all manners of that
And you will see the end
You will see the end
Oh lord
Imagine events
That occur everyday
Like a shooting or raping
Or a simple act of deceit
Imagine a fence
Around you as high as prudential
Cast two shadow's who can't see or feel
Imagine a girl
With long flowing hair
And her body all trouble, perfection and truth
Imagine a past
That you wish you had lived
Full of heroes and villain's and fools
And you will see the end
You will see the end
You will see the end
Imagine a man
Not a child of any remote
But a man of today
Feeling new
Imagine a soul
So old and its broken
And you know
Your invention
Is you
- maiden chick -

Saw The Who last night and they played this. Almost shed a tear...
- James Kamlowsky -

As much shit Pete has given Roger over the years...he better be sitting in his palace and respecting this...greatest song ever written and recorded.
- Scott Goist -

An incredible song from a sadly forgotten album. One of music's best moments
- Nick Galik -

44 years later they are playing this song live for the first time! AMAZING
- Chris Marino -

As a die hard Who fan, I must admit that this song is better than Behind Blue Eyes (in my own opinion). This song has touched me in so many different ways and has changed how I think. I'm seeing The Who on their "Moving On!" tour (MSG, 5/13) and I can't believe that they will do this song live!
- Cobwebs And Strange -

Tuesday May 7, 2019: The Who played "Imagine A Man" in Detroit tonight in the opening night of The Who's 2019 tour!!!!
- bostonwhofan -

I love them so much ! and always !
- marie-sophie gaury-crayssac -

Keith Moon reportedly broke down in tears when Pete played him the demos for this album. Dark night of the soul. Heavy stuff and undeniably beautiful.
- Richard Grandmont -

And God said ...."I think I will create the greatest songwriter ever today" ..... and Pete Townshend was >>>>>>>> born ....
- JoJo Norris -

Beautiful bit of sensitive bass playing. JE was a genius!!!
- MrMassivefavour -

In the wake of Who’s Next & Quadrophenia, By Numbers felt, I think, worrisome for Who fans (and I was maniacal at this point,) exposing things we may not have wanted to hear from Pete. But it just gets better every year, and that’s 40-plus of them now, eh? Eternal thanks, lads, for your major role in getting me this far! LLR!
- VanDanna Dale -

.....but a plain man ~~~~~
.....tied up ^ > in life
- JoJo Norris -

Beautiful guitar work on this seemingly simple song, brilliant
- Billy McMonagle -

The WHO has (and always HAS had) their own lane - FANTASTIC stuff on each and every album!
- gracie9501 -

Love it