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I don’t have a musical ear, but in the beginning it’s as if the sound of two guitars turns into a mess
- HumanBean -

This is such power!!!!
- Gareth Stander -

such a voice. :)
- Tathagata Banerjee -

Her music is so hypnotizing
- KyleBurnsMusic -

What a voice!!!!!!
- Tom Stern -

thank youtube for your very accurate recommendation.
- Erick Rodrigo -

Am I the only one here because of "Life is Strange: Before the Storm"?
- shaguree -

que delicia.
- Juliana Carvalho Cristo -

Not bad, but she just looks offended straight out the gate.
- Jack Bushong -

"And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones 'Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs". Visionary.
- raph93 -

Slightly tmi but I get really bad period cramps and spend most days I’m on my period in pain and struggle and when I’m slightly better I always put this performance on to help me relax and try to sleep. I realized this has been helping me for some years now so I just wanted to say thank you ❤️
- Kelly Nikou -

Her last performance is one of the most truth I've ever seen someone show.
- Kristine Gillian Gavino -

- Dar Fumi -

They are soooo awkward I love them xD
- Rishi -

I just discovered this band in June 2020, this is so underrated.
- raph93 -

0:00 : youth
4:20 : Landfill
8:42 : Tomorrow
- ItzNobody -

Love it.
- HM Pro Studio -

Greetings from wkwk land
- Made Ronaldo -

Love every minute of this performance
- Camila Lambert -

There is something, something real in her voice
- Piotr Irek -