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I'm profoundly in love with this woman here.

i can’t explain how much this means to me
- justin haynes -

I don't like the fact that I hate America so much. I should of never been forced to hate it, but ive been so abused that I will never recover from my wounds. here my life is as good as over. I never had a chance to live. its all been wasted, forty years of work and my country wasted it all.
- MyessYallyah Americus -

they make you feel the deepest sadness that you never thought you're capable of feeling
- fen -

No se imaginan la cantidad de veces que he visto este performance, cada que tengo un breakdown me refugio aca.
- karin susset castellanos -

"Setting fires to our insides for fun".... YES
- Zach Werner -

so good, never gets old
- Esteban Parra -

- 7717 -

beautiful voice
- Haze Moon -

So beautiful
- marguerite basset -

Even those of the edge are in some sense of disbelief
- Jae Shades -

such the most beautiful voice i´ve ever heard, even better than the xx ones.
- Alan Shango -

Listening to this makes me relive all the emotions from Life is Strange
- Alyssa San Diego -

"I want you so much, but I hate your guts" sounds like a line someone with Borderline Personality Disorder would say to their significant other. Gorgeous vocals and the guitar is quite lovely, as well.
- le th -

Bless up.......nice vibes Daughter...listen your acoustic renditions ever so often...even now as I’m writing this.......yeh mon really nice inergy...great song writing....real authentic Indie sounds...I man love your your gracious inergy!
- Davidz Trivia -

- Palo ma -

I like this song <3
- ᗰIᖇSᕼᗩ ᗩᐯIᒪᕮS -

i am in love with the song "youth". i could cry whenever it is played
- Lena Wöhler -

This first song hits like a freight train.
- Justin Rhodes -

We all find a mission in daBishop ZC
- Zachary Bernard Carlton -