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Where my 2020 people looking for nostalgia at ?
- Ol Lie -

Reply maria
- zidaan Zizou -

Me encanta esta canción la escucho todo el tiempo que estoy triste
- Mayra Jhoana Solis Solis -

Narnia ??
- Oresan -

I hope everyone who reads this believe that 2020 has the potential to be their best year yet. Please be conscious of the fact that whatever you passionately desire, you must also passionately pursue. I need you all to win in 2020. When you win, I win. The world need the greatness you possess.  2020 is the year when you  must believe that you have all that it takes to win, survive and thrive. Add a bit of extra value if you must. Read that book. Take that course. Learn that skill. It is time you make your presence known and felt. You are purposeful no matter your current situation. Stop dreaming and wake up and make it happen.  I wish you the success you deserve. 

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- Nurturing The Extraordinary -

am I the only one who thinks this song is about an immortal who is sad that their human son died?
- Madeline Hakala -

this is an old song? i just heard this last year when my beautiful patient died. Someone called me and said my patient has just passed away and exactly i heard this song and that made me cry uncontrollably. i took care of her for 5 years. Ilove you Gee and i missed you.
- CaliGaL -

I hope edward and bella come back, i really miss twilight :') 2008-2020
- deyy -

im in love with this song 💕❤❤👌
- mø ùhā Bk -

God, it was so good! My heart can't stop loving this!
- hanabi babe -

This is exactly what I went through when my Minecraft girlfriend stopped playing. I know she won't come back but I'm still waiting for her.
- Wessel Kabel -

! spoiler !
- zagabar -

nice voice


Is this chain "who is listening in 20XX?" ever going to end? Every other song, every other year, same question. For likes prolly.
- rahubang12 -

Ammmmmo 😍😓😓😍
- Lucelia Gomes -

I listen to this song when I’m sad and it just brings back so many good times and memories I which I could relive
- Eclxip -

I love how there's no ads and its obviously copyrighted because of the music, because she doesn't even make any money off these videos she just does them to help other people :)
- Kiki -

Walking down the aisle to this song.
- Queen Betty -

i love this song u dont know how uwu
- Tacos x Ever -