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Samuel Rosa arrebentou nesse som IRAADOOOOOOOOO
- Nádia Rodrigues -

What year is this song?
- Thomas Chapman -

Pre match at Turf Moor anyone?
Probably just me...
- Ben Azfar -

Ests cancion la amooo saludos de Peru!
- Mi viSCio -

i like the other one video standing behind the bus wearing red shirt.
- udek k2r -

One of my favourite partner played this for me when we were first dating, we had the most amazing loving relationship, and sadly he passed away after only 8 years......this will stay with me forever as a favourte memory of him and me, driving in my little convertible.....because we had both been through difficult relationships before....and never thought we would ever find another person to love.
- Linda Davey -

Burnley fc I love you
- Bonnie The Bunny -

10 years ago, fuck ! Still sound like first day, same emotion
- Oscar Palma -

I love the video of them on the bridge, and the people throwing all their materialistic shit off it!
- Rudolf Janse van Vuuren -

give me my fucking video back!
- Noxa Gram -

One Word "Malukah"...
- Black Widow82 -

L S D 🤙
- cuca beludo -

Wasn't there another version of this video where they played under a bridge and people started throwing things at them and ended up throwing a house?
- uyuyuy_bajura -

Algum brasileiro aqui?
- Andressa Fernandes -

They will jam in costa rica tomorrow hope they play this tune
- Jamdiel Calvo -

Best to watch stoned
- Dee Nunley -

I can't find the video where people are throwing their possessions off the bridge. I love that one.
- Doo Lally -

- giordani rodrigues malheiros -

When you think of the graphics in terms of sacred geometry, colours and their chakra meanings, this video is DEEP AF. Totally blew my mind. Thank you Foos for rocking my existence one more
- Francis Johnston -

2:09 I can't explain what happen but when i close my eyes i feel like i'm on another place.
- Rogue Will -