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The cover of "high off life" album coming from this video
- عبد الرؤوف المبيض -

Video made may 18th 666🤫
- Kamren Jones -

- Robert Lee -

best song on the album
- jovaughn thompson -

6mio only till now?? wtf is goin on.. in 1year everyone gonna copying him anyway with those minimalist but still banger beats & style of rapping.
- Rob Hank -

Indeed it's hard to choose especially which is future's best song
- Msamire Rebecca -

ngl the first pause scared the shit outta me

This nigga so goated at making music videos
- Future Clout -

The tempo is always the same yawn
- Jon Howard -

Sound design on point🤟🏻🎥
- Creative Films -

Future snapped on this shit🔥🔥
- Shareek Clark -

- Aldatyme -

Lil baby remix this and shit blow up
- Zleepkid -

Anyone else come here after listening to Duke Dennis song?
- 5000 subscribers without any videos challenge -

Welcome to a mind of a striker
- Harold -

Hare Krishna
- Gourav Sharma -

Future is top in the TOP 5 TRAP RAPPERS‼️‼️
- Eternal style -

Many thanks to Master Rapper Gentleman Superstar "Future" for all the very excellent songs!
- יעקב חי כהן צדק -

- Cj Treasure -

He knew my auntie Tonya/tt
- Samantha Fleming -