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I love this song
- Lutfiah Ersaviani -

i love the bass in this song and the way it came in and adele is my mothers favorite.
- -

Wanna sing this to my freaking EX
- Nyo Nyo Saint -

playing some old songs now
- Marco Dignity Sianipar -

Am I the only one who thinks Adele actually singing and no autotune
- Senguang wu -

Hermosa cancion, me encantaaaaa
- Will abner Salas guia -

No one

Me: wow I could have had it all but I blame covid 19
- Alex King -

I first heart this song a few years ago (or so it feels), but TIL this came out BEFORE I started high school?! This song has aged tremendously
- Unlocalized -

여기 잠뜨님 커버송 보고온사람 ✋
- 남보옥 -

the fact that Adele is literally an iconic moment we love to see it 😌
- Just Don't Interrupt My Sleep -

Old songs are the best!!!
- Azizah Badran -

대단합니다 당신은 한국인에 댓글을 찾았습니다
- 최유진 -

And like there braking sooo much Plates and bowlsif my mom was there every one single person there would get a slap 👋
- Hajir Al-Dulaimi -

Is not one going to talk about how much glasses of water there is
- Hajir Al-Dulaimi -

I’m still shook that I’m listening to this song even tho it’s been 9 years
- Hajir Al-Dulaimi -

Someone on 2020???
- Grace Morales -

뜰님 보고 온가람 손🖐
- sunwoo nanu -

Still remember the time where everyone was convinced that thereis a demon in the mv😂
- Clorox Bleach -

Who are in corona time??? Like
- Lana Mohamed 9B -

- 호박밭무명씨 -