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You can tell this was edited at 1:24, u aint slick but still nice playing
- Perry Giambuzzi -

As Kollias explains, blast beats are a great coordination exercise even if you don't play metal.
- Jorge Eduardo Zamora Acosta -

- pollyw00d -

Excelente vídeo, muy bien desarrollado.
Saludos desde Argentina.
- Mariano Go -

Those shoulders r huge bro !
- rodrigo camilo -

assalamualaikum,,,,, i truly appreciate your work
- M Iqbal Akbar -

I can’t wait for the next one!
- Morgane Gautier -

FEEEEEeeeeeel the burn.
- Guds777 -

great video! Can't wait for the next episode
- tivi lue -

great video man! this series helped me a lot, so two 👍🏼 👍🏼 from me :) also cant wait for the next episodes! cheers
- Nabichi -

thanx man for the lesson
- Alioshka -

when is your next lesson?
- Felipe Lopez -

All your lessons so far are worth their weight in gold..if that makes sense lol. Will you be doing the same with the hands? :)
- Mark Ahearne -

Hey Erce! I just got a speed cobra on my electronic drums. I have a problem with power. The rubber on the speed cobra is just weird on my black triggerpad. It is not made out of mesh. If you have any tips on this it would be greatly appreciated. I thought of putting my old beaters on it which is an iron cobra felt and plastic beater. A little more heavy. Could it be that I have to get comfortable with the rubber beater?
- Viktor Bjornstad_Drums2nd -

Hey, suggestion here: you should maybe do a lesson about balance, finding balance, etc. Or you probably mentioned it in sitting position lesson and i didn’t get it ;)
- Vini123 muller -

Just want to say that these are one of the best double bass guides on youtube! I am really looking forward to lesson 19! :)
- Viktor Bjornstad_Drums2nd -

Thank you so much for your series, I think it's amazing! Will you continue doing these? If yes, how often will you upload a new episode? cheers
- Victor Clinciu -

Great lessons
- Diego Calero -

I wanna thank you so much! I've watched all your lessons now, and I must say. They help. I would totally recommend this "series". Great Job! :)
- DoubleGaard -

your drumstick gonna break any given time xD.. tnx for the lesson!
- Kirkwahhmet Ruzz -