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The quizmaster intro send me here
- melvin shermen -

I love Lucia's voice my friends are like YoU JuST lIkE hER FoR tHeM ThiGHs

That's wrong
- Ferox Numine -

- Slothmanify -

Hey guys!
Is KMFDM still around?- 2019
- john conner -

- Uğur Kaan Komanlı -

1:12 @-@
- Joana Littner -

Me 3 heje
- Leonverd Clark -

U suck
- Leonverd Clark -

Lucia is hottest vocalist. Dream woman.
- Dean Winchester -

A real professional killer is just WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM until the job is done.
- Utopian Websurfer -

Surprised that theres not a lot of Columbine comments in this vid :)
- fzerowipeoutlover -

4 years ago Eric And Dylan brought me here who else ?
- Ferox Numine -

I just found out that the screen of my smartphone reacts to celery sticks O.O
- Alicia Donadio -

- Greg Mnley -

U must not beware zimtech plastiqueseaIIII
- Greg Mnley -

This needs to be in the next John Wick. Just sayin'
- Tyler Churchwell -

Here in 2019..... and Epstein didn't kill himself.
- Matt Calloway -

I was working and this song came on pandora, i was "fuck this song is good whats the name and band?" i look at my phone,*sees title/band* yup, leave to them to have a "killer" song.
- Crimnox -

It's because of Eric Harris
- Mikaela Canino -

One of the best shows St Andrew's in Detroit ever hosted.. I saw multiple tours!!! 🤘Never stop,, Plz 🤘
- Josh Chaffin -