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Me: looks at friend
Friend: no, please—
Me: —millyrock in front of the door—
- Love Miss -

wow: :)
- beverly jacinto -

- Divine Feminine Essence -

Love every song and vibe from Khalid! I swear it seems like this song has been out longer!! <3
- dc14eva19 -


Soft words Soft voice Sleepy songs.

Chill Song
- Cenon Panganiban -

Khalid is so fucking good!
- Tom Keegan -

I love this song ❤️🎵..
- Vitória Caroline -

I could definitely hear this song in a movie. Its so badass
- MOMO -

These hoes never thought that groupme they started on me would become what is today. They did it to harm and embarrass me. But since I'm AMAZING it's world wide now.🤗 God wants me to show you all the way to be saved. They meant it for bad but GOD meant it for God.
- Deidre Green -

My headphone 🎧 just got broke I just stepped on it by accident and my phone just cracked a lot cuz I was mad and my girlfriend cheated on me and I got -C on test and my friend broke my PS4 controller and my friends making fun of me these all things happens to me like 2 days ago
- Master Game -

hey khalid i’m going to your concert
- alienaa a -

Check my youtube channel
Fashion+texas vlogs+funny🍿
- Fredyvergaraviews -

Khalid im ur new fan
- Leticia Jacob -

I in love with khalid??
- Leticia Jacob -

Im in loads of bad luck :'-( thinking of running away from home to find my dream :(
- No.1 Fan -

Anyone else here because they are in an argument with a friend on if it says "move to close get caught up" or "Krusty Krab"

Just me..

Exactly.. Lol
- Sara Monk -

one of the greatest voices you can rely on, any time to rise up your mood
- Leyney Skypes -

How does this not have its own music video
- FuegosTheKid -

Simples mate. Khalid = Click Click Click
- Kay Hass -

When you go looking far and wide for music to heal your soul, but everything seems so hollow compared to Khalid.
- Moss Bioletti -