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Stop Making Good Song Im Running Out Of Memory FFS
- JJ109HD Minecraft & roblox -

Move too close, get caught up.......🎧
- S J -

"people only love u, when they need your help" Indeed
ugly naked truth 😌
- dinduel muanza -

I really wish you can come perform in abq New Mexico 😢😭😞
- Sofiaocho A -


Skateboarding down the roads of LA. Looking at all the palm trees , feeling the breeze , and seeing the orange sun coloring the rest of the sky the same color slowly but surely. Shades on you’re eyes that make your vision darker and seeing all the cars and people with it.

This is the vibe I feel whenever I hear this song.
- D3mu 76 -

am I the only one listening to this guy 24/7 ?
- Rorisang Kgwete -

"Laying down staring at my ceiling fan. Everybody actin like they give a damn. Where is everybody when you need a hand?" 🙊
- Desmond Jackson -

Khalid is a genius
- Karla S -

Am I the only one just now realizing that the picture is a pool...

Probably, but the song is still great.
- Jacob YT -

Call me prejudice but I liked this the moment I opened it. Khalid couldn't make a bad song even if he tried
- chickenlajumpy -

khalid music hits me at a personal level like no other artist aaaaaaaaaa
- chloe olson -

If you don’t get in your feelings to KHALID, what are you doing
- Christie Lowkey -

Hopefully I’m the only one that is so in love with his runs 😍
- Christie Lowkey -

" So if you gonna love me, you gotta love all of me."
- 131 Clarify -

Your whole album is lit bruh
- Jason Skuni -

am glad you overcame whatever obstacles that would have stood in your way that we probably never going to hear about. thanks on behalf of all of us man. to me you the messi of music. say thanks to your mum for me...she played her beautiful part in raising a king. am all emotional and what not...fuck.
- antone ywaya -

My favorite new melody ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
- Dear Shelley -

Bro in the mood for him whenever even when I didn’t think I was
- 3meatboys 123 -

love the melody's
- Lisalomzi Mngobo -