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Even I don’t like their direction after Vicious Delicious, there are some masterpieces in this album, especially Animatronica, one of their best tracks ever
- meduzz13 -

Youtube compresses to something like 120 kb/s so 320 doesn't do anything
- Kilves X -

spectacular as always, infected mushroom
- Hebruixe Artman -

17:47 Reminds me of the PA announcements on Batman: Arkham Asylum
- Bradley Jones -

why is the comment box below recommended videos and not as before? quite annoyed
- Christian mellin -

I’m an alien from planet Arium
- Thomas Passegger -

This iz gold my friends. My fiends
- Treb Kielc -

I played this in a vegetarian meetup, a cow spontaneously appeared and they ate it alive. 10/10.
- NotGivingMy Nam -

- ahmedq shadaw -

- Niko Mazut -

She saran wrap she saran wrap she saran wrap.
- Agata Soda -

These guys are great... most of the time the problem with this music it can all sound the same... But these guys are different 🤖
- Guy Up -

- Liosha Yenuschenkov -

Лучшие !!! НАВСЕГДА !!!
- Ector Bravisimo -

This album had made me cry so many times =3 I love it so much. <3 hits me right in the feels. I honestly can't find a single song I don't like on this album, maybe fields of grey? lol.

Can't say the same for return to the sauce. =[ Still good, but it's nowhere near this masterpiece. Maybe over the years it will grow on me.
- steve raffle -

I jut noticed this came out! lol
- Dominus -

Low quality upload
- King Blank -

you know whats great with IM? they fukin discover their own style, at each fukin album, they sell us a complete new part of their universe, new galaxies

IM is, for me, the best EDM group, ever

- SaBi NuKi -

The song Feelings has a little crackle to it.. just a heads up. I thought my speakers were blown.
- Natron -