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Got that downtown urban summertime feelin
- Thomas Groover -

All Zero 7 music takes you on a journey that involves floating, flying, or falling through a bottomless ocean in the most beautiful way imaginable.
- James Taylor -

It's easy why they try to keep us from hearing music like this... To keep trying to dumb us down , kill our imagination, and neuter our humanity. Which, turns us into weak followers, violent, and needy hedonist.
Why do we allow the wicked to take our potential??
- Cye Lannford -

I love zero7 but when I listen to this compared to the live version I'm disappointed with what they've done to Tina's voice in this studio version.
- mr b -

My path to righteousness is beset on all sides by evil
- Matthew Bird -

Everything they did after this album was dog shit. Bring back Sophie, Sia, Tina.
- All_is_1 -

I like that
- Angelofwar 92 -

I’ve been listening to Zero 7 for a few years now ever since I heard ‘In the waiting line’ in an episode of Sex and the City. It’s funny how I always like new songs of theirs I randomly come across on YouTube like this. They’re a hidden gem of a group. U don’t hear ppl talking abt them much but they’re 1 of the quirkiest and best artists out there xx
- Sana Xx -

Pure magic
- Colin Jones -

213 people are officially cunts.
- mr b -

Where in heavens have I been that resulted in my NOT hearing these sounds until now!
- Samuel Thompson -

Just me or is this perfect?
- Paul Cole -

By "mistake" I pressed the thumbnail of thos song...not disappointed at all.
- Rodo Espejo Carreño -

What a voice - what a band. Hear Zero 7 for the first time last year - great stuff.
- Paul Cole -

Saw them in concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam, aeons ago...
- Annemarie Slee -

Her! And on "Home". Just stunning.
- steelyman08 -

The song captures the passage of life. We carry on, but don't know what's it's for...
- HellfrostLiam -

Happy Birthday Charlie Brown.
- Tisha -

- Lawrence Watson -

Name one band who can match this, untouchable gem 💎 I’ll wait ⏱
- D C -