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this song takes me on a journey...
- Alex Obed -

Alem de GATA , tem uma voz espetacular, essa é uma das minhas faixas preferidas do Zero 7, ouço desde 2007. São Paulo, Brasil.
- Águia Voando -

- R MCK -

Music from outer space. I love Zero 7 so much.
- R MCK -

- agatha fry -

I am a rocker from the 70s but this is one badass band don't have a bad song that I know of
- Luis Calderon -

I was 14 when this song came out but I wouldn't hear this gem for another 10 years at a small neighborhood bar in Columbus Ohio. I'm glad that random patron played this.
- Dale Gribble -

- ぷこ -

One of Zero 7s greatest songs. Right up there with In the Waiting Line and Home. I love Zero 7 sooo much, their music touches my heart, soul and mind!
- Steven Martinez -

You cannot listen to Tina Dico without falling in love… specially at dawn.
- Santiago 1966 -

I am a playwright and author old rock 'n roll man but I'm at the age now 07 puts me out there it lets my mind go where it needs to go to write and I don't even have to smoke a joint to do it.
- Jiffy Day -

I remember watching mtv 2 back in 2001, that’s when I first heard of zero 7
- Commen Pearson -

U gotta love it!!!👠👜
- Lisa Turner -

Fantastic mystical music !! Love it !#!!
- Thomas Stark -

I Love Zero 7 music.
- 100th Monkey Project -

try to switch off all the lights of your room, light up with 100 candles and dance for the whole night.
- Deep State -

Incredible group of truly gifted musical artists. I'm just finding Zero 7 and I'm glad I haven't gone any further in my 60 years of life without hearing them. 🌹❤️
- J. A. Siler -

Got that downtown urban summertime feelin
- Thomas Groover -

All Zero 7 music takes you on a journey that involves floating, flying, or falling through a bottomless ocean in the most beautiful way imaginable.
- James Taylor -

It's easy why they try to keep us from hearing music like this... To keep trying to dumb us down , kill our imagination, and neuter our humanity. Which, turns us into weak followers, violent, and needy hedonist.
Why do we allow the wicked to take our potential??
- Cye Lannford -