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Just me or is this perfect?
- Paul Cole -

By "mistake" I pressed the thumbnail of thos song...not disappointed at all.
- Rodo Espejo Carreño -

What a voice - what a band. Hear Zero 7 for the first time last year - great stuff.
- Paul Cole -

Saw them in concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam, aeons ago...
- Annemarie Slee -

Her! And on "Home". Just stunning.
- steelyman08 -

The song captures the passage of life. We carry on, but don't know what's it's for...
- HellfrostLiam -

Happy Birthday Charlie Brown.
- Tisha -

- Lawrence Watson -

Name one band who can match this, untouchable gem 💎 I’ll wait ⏱
- D C -

Summer is coming, I feel it.
- Therein lies your first problem -

Carries me through..... space and time.
- Harrison Valverde -

This music is pure magic!
- Damali De Mills -

Beautiful singing (ultimately depressing lyrics. 'now that I have seen you stripped to the very Core/I know I don;t love you as much as I did before')
Oooh dear!
- Giulian Bates -

Thanks for the upload my man!
- Kunaal Thakur -

I walked around my hometown of Chicago last summer in a daze listening to Zero 7. Straight head tripping, snapping photos and smoking greenery. Beautiful.
- Therein lies your first problem -

- R MCK -

Man that's the kind of song that i should listen cranking my speakers up to the max
- Claudio Carbone -

My idea of heaven!
- Anthony Nicholas -

She is such an awesome singer
- Armand Holloway -

Zero 7 is one of the most awesome bands ever...and they have the best singers.. Tina, Sophie and Sia, et al. Amazing muscians.
- epiphany difference -