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I remember hearing, "When Two Are In Love". . . distinctly.
- slimdudeDJC -

It shows what a genius mind he had, following Sign of the Times with this and then shelving it and releasing Lovesexy instead, he just did what he wanted. Fascinating piece of work though.
- David O'Connor -

I was super irritated when this album was scrapped in favor of love sexy. I mean I get it now but back then I thought I'd never hear it.
- Meishawn1374 -

- Nic E -

Unofficial in '87, Warner Brothers official release 7yrs later in '94...'When 2 R In Love' was released on 1988's 'Lovesexy' album. Some point in time i realized 'Cindy C.' referred to supermodel Cindy Crawford...he must have dated her too!
- B. Rod Clark -

Bob huh?
- Craig Bigelow -

0:00 Le grind
6:44 Cindy C
12:58 Dead on it
17:35 When 2 R in love
21:33 Bob George
27:09 Superfunkycalifragisexy
33:04 2 nigs united 4 West Compton
40:04 Rockhard in a funky place
- Adam Watson -

- brit boxer -

I paid $75 for a vinyl version of this album back in 90' for a girlfriend of mine. What a rip off SMH.
- Donald Pleasant -

It's 2 fast, Slow it down
- Ken Adams -

- Ken Adams -

87 :)
- Ken Adams -

0:00 - Sandman Le Grind
6:44 - Cindy C. But True
12:59 - Wherever I May Roam Dead On It
17:30 - Don't Tread When 2 R In Love On Me
21:26 - Of Wolf and Bob George
27:03 - Superfunkycalifragisexy Than Thou
32:59 - 2 Sign United The Unforgiven 4 West Compton
39:59 - Rockhard Struggle Within In A Funky Place
- Debonaire Nerd -

Lol....... I don't want to like this album but I can't help it. It cracks me up.
- Heather J'nel -

When one of us records like 75 albums then we can critique The Purple One. #Prince
- Mike Lowry -

- ヤスオ君 -

Love it. Cindy C is so perfect and just feels inevitable.
- mikebott -

- Anna Monrose -

For an album with an "evil aura" to it, it's a pretty solid body of work.
- Red Ninja -

The late 80’s was that period when Prince was transitioning from his early/mid 80’s stylings but didn’t quite know which direction he wanted to go until the Diamond/Pearls LP. By the early 90’s he embarked on probably his most prolific period of his career for the next several years.
- oddmodd -