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I am in my basement listening to I don't want to go to the basement. That folks, is irony
... Ramones style.
- Peter S. Paulson -

Well, we got the final solution.
- kabeauregardajax -

La mejor banda del universo💪
- gaston pertussi -

Ramones por siempre 36 años escuchándolos y seguiré por el resto de mi vida
- Mauricio Ovalle -

The Ramones got me off my ass and stated my band. When we finally played CBGB's on the "Monday Audition Night" I felt like I was on top of the world. That place had some magic and I never passed up an opportunity to play any show there. I'm one of a thousand other guys who could say that, word for word. They changed our lives and we're grateful.
- Gringo -

I just wanted to thank you for keeping real music alive and well I listen to this so loud Ramones fans are proud of you thank you
- David Patton -

Ramones é foda !
- Gustavo Henrique Ramone -

Four Captain & Tenille fans don't like this
- tuskedbeast -

You panna hej
- Pepy Vokroj -

- Carromacumba -

Please someone invent a time machine so I can re-live my youth.
- pcramon -

2 morons gave a thumbs down? Probably Kansas or Foreigner assholes.
- Ross Mark -

The greatest Band ever... in two awesome set's👌👌👍👍😎😎 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.....FANTASTIC!!!
- Thomas Stiller -

Swallow my pride and Carbona not glue always stunning live.
- kabeauregardajax -

wow this sounds fucking sick
- suhijo -

They will always be the best in my eyes totally unique
- Greg Fowler -

Foda foda foda. 1, 2, 3.....
- Anthony Vasconcelos -

Gora Euskadi, ramones
- Juan Jose Piedehierro Bueno -

Great sound, the best.
- Lucybaby666 -

This was only 3 weeks after I first saw them, which was May 23rd 1977. That night they did this second set, plus about 4 extra encores of Sheena.
- Pi Synth -