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Best song to me🤘🏼
- Ady Walker -

Good god we need this as humans.
- Jack Frost -

Fav song when i was in 7th grade.
- amalz -

Look at Billie in When I come around (pre Emo) then look at him here (post Emo)
- Curtis Curtis -

- Cabuloso Memes -

Billie,Mike And Tre were all born the same years in 1972 they’re all 47 except for Tre he’s 46 they’re almost 50 they look 25 they don’t age
- Amber133 Lee -

RIP to great men like Willie Moore and Big Paul Castellano.
- Don Johnson -

This is amazing. It's hard to find good music like this in 2019.
- i eat babiea -

- jukkrit thamin -

10 years still I find the girl cute
- srinivas ramanujam -

Oh god..his hair really suck
- manusia biasa -

Best song of all time
- Bhawna Bhutoria Jain -

What hurts me the fact this is the last time they saw each other before going to jail or death
- Corbin otter -

Ilike green day👑
- Sweet -

I went threw the emo phase pre naturally because my brother at the time in his teens listened to alot of emo rock and he showed me alot of them
- II AshenII -

2009 iwas 4yrs rn im 14
- alrafi jumaarin -

- Nur Jihan -

All music collapsed at 2015, more masterpieces like this must come <3
- sagaxd -

Green Day is Bunkface Malaysia
- Afiq Iskandar Afiq -

despacito is trash
- Разное.Different and Love -