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I miss The Rev, you've guys rock...but Avenged Sevenfold without the Rev is like Metallica without Cliff Burton.
- Jason Woodward -

Sounds like Badger and Coyote Peterson
- Payton Purnell -

I love the band but God damn their names cringe me
- C'mon -

wait this is not m shadows he isnt wearing and has beard this has to be a cosplayer

He's one of the best vocalist I know and he said, "I didn't wanna be a singer. I was forced to be the singer. I can sing in key, I guess." WHAT.
- blacktulip -

He looks like Bean in the thumbnail
- September Doll -

Ok, don't trust wikipedia 100%! LoL
- ardan -

How nice are both of these men?!
- Anthony Lavelle -

Hard to believe he’s the same guy behind the aviators and backwards hat
- Patrick St. Pierre -

He is so adorable!!!! I would never have guessed he was like this... kinda got a fan crush on him now
- m h -

I want to see Shads at home and his mother going "Matthew... give me a hand with the dishes" and him responding "oh mom... I'm called 'M' these days". :-D
- Iain Frame -

I just cried when they brought Rev in the conversation.

He will be remembered foREVer
- Samyak Jain -

I don't know that he love gnr
- Over all Damage -

rev was killed in mexico while he was drunk and leaked the album by accident. the band was furious and got the amigos to get rid of him. unfortunately.
- stryfe gaming -

Man, i swear if my marriage with Lzzy Hale doesnt work out, im gonna marry matt shadows! Ive always had a crush on him. God hes so fucking hot
- Juliet Beneke -

such a chilled out guy he is...I would really love to hangout with him😅
- Akash Tim cena -

Diamonds in the Rough is awesome, totally been on an A7X binge lately
- Forest Novak -

Ok, can I just hang out and play cards against humanity with M Shadows and friends?
- Faith Midnight -

Oh shit he looks great and down to earth. If he was beside me without his usual getup, I wouldn't know he's a metal singer and thought 'what a chill dude'
- Lynx -

Good choice about A Little Piece Of Heaven, cause my daughter loves that track.
- Per Korsgaard -