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Put the play speed on 0.75 and thank me later
- OM210 -

Inspirational, inner being,reinforcements. Totally necessary for today. LSD always and eternal. Peace and continued growth and blessings. Hey buddy!!!!!
- Sheldon McCray -

80's was such a beautiful time...good music, people actually went out to clubs to dance.
- Manny G. Forever -

Remembering this from Projection 3 with Rennie B
- SuperFunkykool -

The pimp homie put me on this gem
- Citrus Jones -

This song got me thru Boot Camp in the AirForce !!! Everytime things got hard and tough, I thought of this song and it pulled me through and made me determined to never give up!!! I will NEVER FORGET IT!! Thank you D- Train!!!

From Brooklyn New York. Still da' jam 30 plus years later.
- Shamiwan Napathalya judah -

Funky D Train keep on
- Nidia Luccioni -

Miss good music like this best time of my life back in the day
- Patrick Heidelberg -

This song has a positive message that's needed badly in this country right now. When I hear this song it gives me hope.
- LolaCrazy2221 -

DEEP. Tellin the truth Keep on
- Andrew jefferson -

I. CANNOT.💜😄💜😵💜😂💜💋💜😂😂😂😂😂
- Jesse Hudson -

My mother screwed my life
- Will Powell -

Im not supposed to be living this nightmare i missed the life i had
- Will Powell -

Mixé par un Français ! François Kevorkian ...
- pier hoe -

Mixé par un Français ! François Kevorkian ...
- pier hoe -

- Tara Thomas -

This was my theme song when I went running
- L G -

2019 keep on🙌🏾
- anthonyshelby67 -

Good blesse 2u
- ahmed benali -