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"The Story of Us" needs to leak so i can add it to this album. This would have been an amazing album to have. Shows off her Pop/Rock history.
- T.J. Duvall -

I like this album
- aquariumguy2010 -

I want Smoke & Feathers!!
- Fauxindigo -

Now...This is the Real Michelle Branch sound. Wish this album would come out
- Daniel Jouet -

This album is really good to listen fuck you warner bro. they just wasted a beautiful album..michelle branch you really amazing artist this music is the michelle branch sound.
- Risa Ricasio -

Grandioso este Álbum de ésta excelente cantante 💗💘🎤🎵 gracias Michelle Branch👍👏
- Bichichi Duran -

thank you for spreading music and loveeeeeeee
- Dark Swarm -

Please upload this in high quality, is it possible??
- Rafiq Suhd -

I'm kinda liking this more than Hopeless Romantic and I love her latest looking forward to seeing her Friday night in San Francisco Ca!
- Larry Rodriquez -

Bravo !👏
- 123greggory -

if you happen to call <3
- Erik Koski -

I miss music like this
- Erik Koski -

Thank you so much for this - and for adding Playing With Fire, it's a great cover and good fit for the album!
- Emily Maiden -

I wish the title track "West Coast Time" was leaked somewhere; that's the only one I haven't been able to find/hear except once at the Apple Store in NYC when she was doing a listening tour.
- gourmetasmr -

Thank you so much for posting this and the download links! I've tried to buy them but this is the only way I can find to actually have them!
- suziegon -

This is so good it's crazy! It's a crime that she couldn't get it released!
- John Penza -

Fuck Warner Bros and the music indusry
- aakar88 -

any way this can be in higher quality mp3 or flac? was this on a promo cd or something?
- It's Me! -

"What Don't Kill Ya" has everything to be her best song! So sad that it didn't get proper single release :(
- Michael Santosa -

Thank you, IP! I NEVER EVER commented on YouTube, but this song , What don't kill ya,is so beautiful !Tiger Eyes brought me here like 2 years ago when I first heard it and saw the movie! Besides MB is a great artist, I was a fan since This game of love! Thanks a bunch🤗
- Jbaby82 -