All very well for group paying for full time access to the 'buffet' but a total rip off for any occasional groups of guests (concurrent users) who will need to pay much much more even though only staying for a fraction of the time - let's say only eating 7 pizzas compared to FLT group eating something like 30 over course of a month.... The price per pizza is 12x higher for my occasional guests! Would be much fairer if everyone was charged the same per hour maybe, particularly as I can only sit a max number of people at a time....
- Sky Willmott -

Thank you.
- Denny Klaver -

Wow, seems way simpler. My old license was so complex. It was so complex that people had to make a long video comparing the different options with going out to eat dinner out.
It was really hard to understand that I had 10 concurrent connections to my server via web direct or go. Then unlimited connections via fmp.
Seems like this new solution is so much better, it's like going out to dinner and ordering a delicious steak dinner, being served a steak, then having the steak swapped out with a piece of chicken and charged annually to pay for the steak (as I understand it my perpetual license fee will be going up significantly), wait that was even more confusing.
I am assuming FM is going the way of Adobe. We will all be paying $25 - $50 / month to use it.
If they increase the price of maintaining my perpetual license or remove that option i unfortunately will have to look for a different platform. I love FM and hope they do not go the way of Adobe.....
- Tommy -

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Nice try.
- Dr John Pollard -