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Best of the best.
- Саша Экшн -

This song reminds me of Numb by LINKIN PARK
- ImTheChange. -

This song spoke volumes to me since the first time I heard it few years ago. I’ve suffered depression for years since I was around 12 years old. In that time I’ve had 9 suicide attempts. A few of the people who have been friends have saved me from myself over those years. Mostly recently I came out as trans and I’ve had a lot of very cruel comments and things said to me because of it. If it wasn’t for my two closest friends I wouldn’t be here right now. A friend truly can save a life, but for those who feel they have no one it will get better and stay strong. Even on the darkest nights the sun will eventually rise. Thank you for the great music over the years and thank you for being their for me at my worst times.
- AnonymousVenom 1 -

That hit hard
- Ex1kz1 YT -

Twice in my life, I considered doing harm to others, because I couldn't take what was going on around me or the the things my mind was telling me to do. Both are strangers to me - an old friend who has gone their own way and a person on a crisis hotline at 3 in the morning. It really does matter if someone, anyone, can give a damn for two minutes and care about someone other than themselves. You don't have to be a therapist or a shrink, you don't have to know everything; you just need to listen and be there when that hand reaches out for help.
Words are far more powerful than actions.
- labyrinthgirl17 -

- Crazy Nyx -

i actually was going to hang myself before this but, know i realize you were made to stand out, NOT fit in
- Doom Slayer -

My friends don't care about me and that makes me sad.
- ᴀᴢᴜᴜ ᴄʜᴀɴ -

So was the boy a gay boi.?
- BIG Nasty -

Came for the song, stayed for the meaning behind the video.
- KC Ventanilla -

suicide isn't the solution but being stuck alone with no one but the voices doesn't help then when you talk with people they just look at you different or shove you away . id much rather just trade places with someone else who's could be more loved then me or be worth more than me. but it doesnt matter this will get lost like all the tears in the rain.
- mtndewwalker -

Such a good song with such a strong meaning.
- NYRangers0623 -

The best part about true heroes, is that they usually have no idea they're heroes.
- DeathsHood -

love the tunes
- Donovan Butler -

What pisses me off is all the parents start crying when they kill themselves but dont give a damn what they do before we jump off the building.
- Alana Bentrum -

I remember tying a noose just before a friend texted that I could and hang out with them and go to Disney and that told me there’s so much stuff to live for
- Evan Campbell -

seeing them next year, can't wait!! See you in Januaryyyyy
- I am Everywhere -

Fuck the anti billing vedios pard my french. The anti bulling vedios they show at school, teens need to see the coincidences of there action and word can do to a person that is being bullied. They need to show this vedio.
- Leroy Snyder -

Mine cant...
- gxst_ghostly -

Ffdp is one hell of a band I absolutely love there music and there videos
- Skul Clan -