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Wow i have no words.
- Mrjorje -

This song makes me cry. Thanks!
- Ignacio Barreto -

wow this is amazing i bet no other band would have done this
- ZaFe Night -

broo im in tears :((
- sanemi’s tiddies -

yeah the girl with the pics that go leaked on like well that is preventable you don't send that to anyone in the first place then it is impossible for it to get leaked, also keyboard warriors I have crippled by smiting them with the 9-pound IBM model f keyboard. also kids in school have bullied me most love me but some have taken it upon themselves to bully me so when they fight I fight back whether its a fist to the face or I have my keyboard in my hands in it is a big fat thock and a man down if they punch me and I have my keyboard in my hand XD as at school id have a nice keyboard because I needed to type better
- Jacob Hotaling -

This song promotes such a powerful message, damn. Hard not to be emotional after watching the hole thing.
- Yuri Souza -

This fucken song oh FUCK it's TOO good!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤ His voice is SO fucken beautiful like DAMN!
- Candice Team Breezy -

I cried the first time I saw this. I was bullied and I wanted to kill myself. I tried to 3 times.
- Karen Herrick -

The only song to make me cry every time i listen to the video
- Aj Ben -

Dear guys, girls, who's suffering from bullying in school
Please, stay strong
We'll get through this asshole
I've been through the same situation, so i know what it's like
I know, it's hard, i know it hurts
But you will survive
Schools, mostly, don't give a fuck about bullying until someone commits suicide. That's shitty
Bullies are a bunch of motherfuckers
But they can make you very upset.
Try to avoid them
If you can't, find yourself a safe place
You're beautiful, nice, strong people
We'll make it through
Someday, when you grow up, you'll be glad that you survived
Dm me if you have any sorta issues with bullying
Bullying is NEVER your fault, but it's your problem
Everything is possible
Love y'all
- Paddy O'Connell -

get tik tok today ads lol yea no. besides they might be getting banned be4 too long from what i know of.
- Machete 87 -

That's way better than 13 Reasons To Soy
- Denarus -

This hit so hard, I cried hard afterwards. I took a chance and clicked at random and didn't expect this at all.
- Cheree Dougherty -

I might play this at a school bc those gay things at schools don't do anything
- im a busa boi -

He seems like Mark Zuckerberg 😮

NEVER think suicide is selfish, for someone who has attempted. Its because these people feel stuck, like there's no way out of this hell, they aren't selfish their scared, they feel alone, they feel lost and trapped.
- Annie Bunker -

If your ever having a shit day, feeling suicidal or depressed, sing these lyrics to yourself. I swear to god. Please do. This song has actually saved my life more then once.
- Annie Bunker -

Just when life seems to hard to keep fighting due to your own demons you may be trying so hard to beat. but it is Not a cowards way out i know this because my best friend hung himself just after a short trip to winnipeg we returned back to kenora and at 4 am i get a frantic call from his wife that hes hanging in the stairwell and please get here i was there in minutes to see my best friend gone from this world and it took every ounce of courage i had to bring him down. so anyone who says its a cowards way out go fuck your self.oh and if its a cowards way out go try it yourself takes alot more balls then you could ever imagine.
- Zoey Brightnose -

dude,the school never do the anti bullying system,but they were like"we do it."i sick of it,in my memories,they always bully me,i tried contact the teacher,but they only just say,ok the situation is complete,the bully apologize,but after 1-2 days they started to bully me again,then my grade drop,then i dont have any value,and then yeah they never help me again,many told me that im stupid,then almost all of my class were like bully me because im the stupidest,sh* was hard because no one know me,but yeah i can get through it somehow,because of 5fdp,i never have suicide thought,they told us to be stronger,oh yeah btw,ignore my story,have a good day guys,love you all
- BoonieBun Ch - Too Bad To be Streamer -

I hate / love this song
- David Silver -