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I lied to this lady she asked me if I ever tried to kill myself I said no but I'm planning to do it again.😥
- Food flower -

- T. fussel -

Suicide isn't cowardly like many state. If you don't understand then educate yourself and not push people being their breaking point and help.
- ProtectedVLS -

I've been bullied but, never in my wildest dreams would I ever consider suicide. I'd rather run away.
- UnKnOvvNPeRsOnA -

I think Pantera is and was & will allways be the best metal band ever
- Jason Chance -

It’s.. been a long time since I’ve listened to this song. One holy shit. Holy fucking shit. I have no words. None.
- Fjord -

I tried suaside twice in first my brother came and save me and in the second try my sister little son looked me in the eyes and asked what am doing .
I just want to end it
- FBI -

2:12 "true" motivation! (The texts)
- Bodzsar Máté -

Call or text me anytime, day or night. You are loved. 318-278-0015
- chad bearden -

My daughter has been being bullied at school and has actually been jumped by a bunch of kids. They wanted to film the fight for social media.
I see this video and it makes me cry. It reminds me off her. It makes me fight harder to get her heard. She's a great kid and like other kids doesn't deserve to be bullied. The schools and other kids parents don't try to stop it.
This is why one voice hearing a cry for help can speak volumes. We need to open our eyes and ears and listen more. And show our youth their not alone. And show others bullying has to stop.
- Deana Rupe -

it is pointless for me to express feelings on this comment section, just know that this was one of my favorite songs that helped me through alot of shit. to everyone else: there is someone out there that cares about you,
But as for me, i am a lost cause
9 years of fighting, im exhaustrd
- ASH2ASH2000 Gaming -

This is full circled karma for me!
- Ash ash -

thank you FFDP...your songs always make me feel better especially this one you are an awesome band thank you for all of your beyond awesome music
- Djova learson -

The last chord and his smile is such a good happy ending
- Franz Schwarz -

too strong message in this song
I cry alone everytime I'm listening to this
- Haruka Imai -

Life Is better with five finger death....punch...⚡
- Jake Fisher-killey -

Im 22 planing suecide enny oute there wana be my friend mabye die togheter ? Im virgin i was bullyed my whole life . Snapchat : msmeland2019
- Marius Of Earth -

Sad to say when i was suicidal 5 years ago i listen to this song to help me thru my emotions n here i am 5 years later feeling like im going rite back that path again
- Israel Morris -

Pretty well sums up what I was feeling when my best friend came in and took my knife out of my hand and saved me thank yall for trying to help those that need it.
- The UndeadCowboy -

FFDP should win every music video award idgaf
- The cool Chadturion -