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They really should play this in schools, the message is so strong it digs in deep. Ive felt such depression in my life that I felt like killing myself but songs like this really show you that you are loved even if you don't realize it
- WestCoast FiRe -

There’s a very close person to me that I love dearly. She’s attempted suicide twice but somehow survived. She’s had a long and tough road but I can tell she’s making small improvements. This song broke me. The hell she must have been going through...I can’t imagine.
- Jackson Murphy -

I can relate to this song
- Desirae White -

Metal music will always pull me out of the darkest places. Im only 16 and I've had thoughts no one should have since i was about 13 years old.
- Evan Sisko -

- Neotokyo vibes -

2019 anyone?
- Semper Fi -

The feels, man...
- Jack Flanagan -

See mom?! Not all metal is devil worship!
- Jack Flanagan -

0 to 999999 real quick
- Death8978 -

Thank you so much Five Finger Death Punch for making such good music, it has helped me when I was going through tough times. My grandfather was in the military, my father is a marine, my brother is a marine and I went to a five finger death punch concert and I cried because I just thought of how scared I always was that my brother could have died and never came back. I suffered from bullying and many things like depression and anxiety so much and your music helped me so much including bands like shinedown and you guys.
- KassGhoul Rose -

suicide should always be taken seriously it is not a joke anyone that use for a sick joke ar just in couraging suicde I Ben live with metal illness for 3 years now its not a joke
- lct 2002 -

You know im not in to this kind of music at all but ive heard every one of ffdp there great i love them
- Willaim Fletcher -

These are the people who should be influencers, not Kylie fake lips and Kim fake ass- ian. I don’t see them spreading messages like this, I see them crying over lost diamond earrings.
- Kpop Ismalife -

thank you for giving me a place to cry
- Jack Caffrey -

I wish all my buillies saw this and know how I feel some times
- jimmy .m -

Suicide is a very deadly thing to the human population however we can reduce that number by listening and watching our for the signs when with our friends. Do not be that one person who THOUGHT their friend might be suicidal but did nothing and now regrets it. Stand up and be straight up. Your choice of words and comfort could determine weather or not your friends lives to see another day.
- Southerncountryboy1981 -

At a certain point the mental unstability comes to a point where you no longer feel pain.
- Swiss Twiss -

I've been contemplating suicide for a couple years now and the last few months have just made it worse. The only thing that kweps me going is my 4 year old son. I love him to death but I feel like I'm not making things better for him. Many times I think about suicide and he is the one person in my mind that I always come back to. I don't want to leave him fatherless. I don't want him to grow up asking why or hating me for leaving him. Life is hard for many people, and it's hard to get things like this out of your head. It's him that keeps me here. Him I always think of. I contemplate the letter I would leave and what to say and I just dont know what to do. How do you explain somwthing like this? How do you reassure your child that it is not their fault and that you have and always will love them? At times I cry alone in my bathroom and he comes in. I hug him and tell him daddy is just sad. I dont want to hurt him, but there seems to be no way out. What do I do?
- Overwatch93 -

5th grade up to my junior year in high school I thought I was pathetic. I’ve never known what it was like to be truly happy. I always thought I was a loser and hated myself. Fast forward to today, I’m a sophomore going to the same college as my best friend, both is us working on our dream of becoming police officers, hang out almost every day and play with my closest friends on Xbox every night. Never in my life could I ever imagine where I’d be without them
- Travis Elder -

Someone at my school committed suicide people are taking it hard
- Mollie Bryant -