I can kinda relate to this song, my mother isn’t such a good mother to me, my brother isn’t the best either, just my father and stepmom that care about me, I don’t have many friends, and the friends I do have I don’t feel like I really fit in with but I guess our friendship works out
- Bluey the Snake -

this sounds like sequel to with me
- TheXLTE part 2 -

Thanks, Braxton.
- Thaddeus Van Geist -

the forgotten soooon <3
- Omar Ulises Ontiveros Cruz -

I still love this song!
- Hua Mulan -

A canijo :0
- kisame 777 -

Best Sum's song ever
- Giacomo Zambetti -

This song was released in July of 2007.
- Hayden Clay -

1:09 to 1:33 sounds a lot to Violence from blink-182
- Darío Urrutia -

This was my favorite song in 8th grade. Being the black sheep of my family and the outcast at school. This song means alot to me because i can relate
- Kyle Mayorga -

God, I love this song sm.
- Orange J Today -

Eu gostei da musica
- roci zonzin -