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- Anisa Lopez -

Hi Davina
- Paul Hernandez -

still My Shit
- Rosie ramirez -

one of my fav songs
- ceycey cey -

come see I ain't hard to find bitches I in northern Cali bby all day I'll b in the west Sacramento I ain't afraid to fight any bitch or dude come step to these hands and find out much love & respect davina
- Nekoda Dumarce -

why u bitches disrespectn 1 female trying too live ur life that she know and its something that u ain't bitch plz if u don't like keep ur commets to ur self..why u think she made that song im the most hated bitches and the last laugh u joke bitches keep haten on davina but in a long run she doing it love and respect u davina alwayz
- Nekoda Dumarce -

U Really Think Hes Lovin U?- Its All Up In Your Head-
N When Hes Done N Had Enough Of U- Thats All Youre Gonna Get-
And Then Hes Gonna Step- Ya Boy Pac Said It Best. Keep Ya Head Up-
Legs Closed- Eyes Open.
On point always 😄
- Crys Monique -

fuck skrapz
- david carmona -

Dam I been lookin for her sht on hear finally found it discovered her off Philthy her voice and beats hard as fuk sht slap
- Vic Carter -

omg I m falling in love with divina, she so talented

- Leticia R.Salazar -

Ur oNly out 2 play ur trickZ!!
- Mireya Suarez -

fuck norte
- nikkole lette -

My GiRl DAViNa: :
- Juju Torres -

yawn boring
- crazy h -

sum real shit she talk about right here i love you DAVINA
- amanda saint -

Slaps && Speaks TRUTH! i could give a fuck bout looks & shit :)
- Felicia Salomon -

Why is she what Shit not like Ur punk Ass is doing something Wit Urs an women gotta Do what ya gotta Do to survive fuck Some one always Gonna bring someone Down roll the dice play Ur card right
- Zipporah Apporas -

Why is she always copying oldies,old school or other music! Most of the songs on all her albums are you copying either lyrics,beats or actual songs. She isn't original. She copies alot. Even though I'm an OG homegirl from San Jo. I'm not a fan of davina. Not a hater I just don't see her as original or real. Seems like she fakes the funk & she wasn't a homegirl when she started out. She didn't earn respect. Got it from having a good voice & being on a vatos arm.
- Cillababyy408 -

i always listen to this when i feel down or some shit.. its dope af. ♡
- Rose Jay -