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Vegeta: *yells eat my children*
Bulma in another room: "not today Vegeta my tuna is tender"
Trunks in another room: *Internal screaching*
- Brandon Cole -

Why am I a Namekian?
- OneForBoss -

Did...Did he call yoshi a namekian

Nice references
- Gamer boy 1229 -

No reference to the Infinity Stones?
- James Douglass -


Trunks quietly pouting in the background
- Rhiannon Edwards -

Not a second in and I'm already glad I clicked this. LOL
- Bloodyfingers -

We all new vegeta was a dog person
- That one Zelda gamer -

I-I need an adult.
- Baby yamper -

I can totally picture Vegeta slowly going insane, trapped on Earth, with nothing to do but play videogames...
- CheshireKat -

Probably the absolute best way to enjoy this game.
- Firestorm972 -

1 second into the video and im already laughing my ass off
- Tectrox -

You are a bad father and a terrible partner
- joethehero2 -

vegeta prince of all yoshis
- myles shackle -

This was oddly wholesome
- Lil Kitsune Mischief -

“I WILL THROW MY YOUNG AT YOU!” The only way Vegeta knows how to fight with Trunks.
- Lorelei Marivaine -

Beer can? I think that was an empty can of HETAP
- DarkSnake Nerdmaster -

0:26-0:35 every dragonball episode ever
- f6tt m6tt -

- Fierce Deity Link -

I love vageta
- davidissleepy -

I want vegeta to have a pet now
- Christina Frazier -