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I love everything about this movie apart from it's PACING!
- ecaepevolhturt -

-If I were you, I would run.
-If you were me, you'd be good lookin'
- NaturalBornKilla007 -

was this originally a Japanese movies because quite often america likes to bastardize movies from other countries causing them to SUCK!
- Holly Mackinder -

- manarayofhope23 -

I was sold on this film as soon as the song started at 1:46
- Jess -

Awful in an awesome way. One of my fav indie films. Needs a Fallout: New Vegas mod/scenario.
- Dire Leon -

This is simply one of the finest movies ever made. Hating it is impossible. 
- Rick Carroll -

Once you realize this movie is allegorical then you'll understand.
- ARKHAMxMaverick -

Desperado and Kill Bill
- Mariano Damico -

This looks awful, but I'm still compelled. The main character has a Spike Spiegel vibe going on.
- Jay Antonio -

Unfortunately this movie is one big dissapointment. 10/10 concept, 3/10 execution. Can we get Tarantino or Rodriguez to remake this with a better script, better actors and a big budget? This shit is right up their alley.
- Нет Нетович -

Fun movie, shitty fanbase.
- FartMaster69 -

looks fuckin gangsta
- B.W -

We all did. We all did.
- Mintee T -

lol, the robot from the end is on drugs

Me neither....
- Lexi Atel -

Hahahaha, this movie so dumb, I love it love it
- handymandan100 -

hahaha, I was gonna say, this is like the long low budget cousin of Buckaroo Bonsai
- handymandan100 -

brought me to tears
- Adrian Berndt -

fallout new vegas brought me here. ps: what a sort of movie.
- joaquim machado -